Sally Mann on Sally Mann | I Love Photography Ep. 53

Sally Mann on Sally Mann | I Love Photography Ep. 53

Sally Mann talks about the perils of fame in the same magazine that brought her to national attention, Russian youth love cosplay, and Landon Nordeman photographs feminized Star Wars costumes. Our weekly look at all things photographic with PhotoShelter co-founder Allen Murabayashi and Sarah Jacobs.


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Allen Murabayashi is the co-founder of PhotoShelter.

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  1. Bárbara Herrnsdorf at 4:32 pm

    Sally Mann tops my list of favorite contemporary photographers and I still remember the very first time I saw her monograph “Immediate Family” (which I bought and still own and adore). To say I was captivated, thoroughly enthralled, would be an understatement. I also remember how wickedly she was treated not only by the press but by the closed-minded opinions vociferously flung about by a good slice of the public. I felt devastated that what I embraced as a work of genius and utter, intimate, beauty was ridiculed with such vehemence and vitriol that I shuddered to imagine what Ms. Mann herself might be feeling. Reading this article, published this week and penned by Sally Mann herself, both pierces my creative soul knowing how deeply this penetrated her as a mother, as an artist, as a human being, yet I also concurrently feel elated. Elated because even after such a grievous wound, she has now been able to publicly speak up, speak out, and with such grace, such honesty and vulnerability which I am hopeful will mean that in spite of it all, the beautiful person, the artist, who is Sally Mann has found her way to truly endure.

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