5 Popular Lattice Boards We Can’t Stop Staring At

5 Popular Lattice Boards We Can’t Stop Staring At

People are really buzzing about Lattice, our new community to help you see and be seen. Photographers and photo enthusiasts are using the platform to find inspiration and also showcase and share incredible images (their own included!) from professional photographers all over the world.

One way to share stunning photography on Lattice is to create a board – aka a collection of images on a subject or theme you care about. We’re seeing creative boards pop up everyday on everything from Berries to Peru to Beautiful Clouds & Skies. And that’s just the start of it.

To help inspire you, we’ve compiled 5 boards we’re really loving. These are also among some of the most liked boards on Lattice too, and we can see why!

Birds curated by Meaghan Trust

Skiscapes curated by Christopher Robinson

Photo by Scott Sady

Photo by Scott Sady

BBQ curated by Todd Owyoung

Photo by RJ Hinkle

Photo by RJ Hinkle

Myanmar curated by Jack Kurtz

Africa’s Big-Five curated by Peter Delaney

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  1. Stephen at 2:45 am

    The photo with the monk holding a red umbrella is one of my favourite. It’s so natural, real and breathetaking. I’ve seen other photos took by Christopher Fischer and lots of them are brilliant.

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