PhotoShelter Members Share How They Use Our Mobile App to #MakeClientsHappy From Anywhere in the World

PhotoShelter Members Share How They Use Our Mobile App to #MakeClientsHappy From Anywhere in the World

Since the launch of our new mobile app, we have heard from so many of our members about how the app has helped them save time, resolve problems, and #MakeClientsHappy. Bottom line, you don’t always have the luxury of being multiple places at once — until now. The PhotoShelter mobile app allows you to meet client needs wherever your business (or your life) takes you.

Check out these real life stories of photographers who face tight deadlines, busy schedules, and limited wifi, but are still able to #MakeClientsHappy while on-the-go with our new app.

gavingough“When a magazine editor called, asking for access to five images for a feature and with a deadline looming, I was able to create a custom gallery and allow access within a few minutes, even though I was traveling at the time. That kind of access allows me to serve my clients more effectively and increases the chances that they’ll come back to me first in the future.”

Gavin Gough


johnharrington“When covering the President at the White House, we often have to pre-set our equipment an hour or two before an event. One morning I was in position on the South Lawn of the White House and had two hours before an event was scheduled to begin. About 10 minutes before the event was to start, a client contacted me with an urgent need. I was able to solve what could have been a client problem with the app in just a few minutes, and not miss a beat as my assignment began.”

John Harrington

jockfistick“Recently I was working remotely on deadline and needed to be in two places at once. As with most conventions, there were multiple events happening simultaneously and I had a wish list from my client. I had just finished my first edit of the day – a slideshow my client wanted to have up on their website asap. I was able to start an upload to my PhotoShelter archive of the images I had just edited and leave my computer while the images continued to upload.

Then, I used the PhotoShelter app to make sure the upload finished successfully. I was able to set a password, create download permissions to the gallery, send the gallery link to my client – all while I was covering the next event. Then while I was photographing, my phone was buzzing with notifications that another image had been downloaded so I knew my client had the pictures they needed. The app allowed me to meet my deadline for one client and cover the event much more effectively – with time to spare. It literally was like being in two places at once!”

Jock Fistick

jackkurtz“I did a story for an airline travel magazine. I hadn’t heard anything from them about the story and was about to call to see what the status was of the story. Literally as I was going to the phone, notifications popped up on my iPhone that files were being downloaded. I called them about an hour after the last file was downloaded and they said everything was great and they were moving forward with the story.”

Jack Kurtz


dominickreuter“Apart from speeding up my access to my archive for client requests, I recently used the PhotoShelter app to quickly find and browse images from an old shoot when I found myself returning to a familiar subject. That helped me avoid making redundant images and use my limited time to work on a new idea.”

Dominick Reuter



The PhotoShelter mobile app is just one of the many tools we provide to help you #MakeClientsHappy by meeting their needs and going the extra mile — every time. Let us know when you’ve been able to #MakeClientsHappy in the comments below! And don’t forget to download the app for yourself here. (iPhone only; Android coming soon!)


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