5 Reasons Why Unlimited Storage is a Game Changer

5 Reasons Why Unlimited Storage is a Game Changer

You may be thinking, “Unlimited storage is a nice idea, but could I really benefit from it? Is it really going to be that much of a game changer? Is it worth it to upgrade to unlimited storage even if I don’t use all of the features PhotoShelter has to offer?” The answer to these questions are yes, yes, and yes. You will really benefit from it, it will be a game changer, and it is most definitely worth it. Whether you use PhotoShelter to showcase, share, store, and/or sell your work, having unlimited storage will change the way you do business.

Here are 5 reasons why unlimited storage is worth it:

1. It’s a one stop shop – making everything easier and more convenient.

If you’re using multiple services to house, deliver, display or sell your images, you no longer need to. The ability to store all of your images with PhotoShelter makes the tools that we offer more powerful than ever. Client galleries never have to have an expiration date, and there is no limit to the number of images you can store or sell. If your images are searchable this will increase your SEO and potentially bring more business your way. And you have access to your entire gallery from wherever you are with whatever device you prefer.

2. Store your images safely and securely without compromising the original shot.

Unlimited storage allows you to not just upload your final edits, but to upload your entire archive of high quality imagery while still maintaining the original integrity of your photos. We don’t force you to compromise the images you want to keep in any way. This includes every image from a shoot in whatever format you prefer– RAW, JPEG, PSD, PDF, TIFF — if it’s an image, you can upload it. And when life throws any curve balls your way, be comforted by the fact that copies of your images are safely archived on PhotoShelter. PhotoShelter also has a 10 year track record of 99.9% uptime on our platform, and we house almost 220 million images without having lost a single piece of data — ever.  

3. Accessibility for you and your clients

The life of a photographer is one of mobility and usually high demands. You’re constantly on the move, and you don’t always have the luxury of going back to the office to grab an image off your hard drive. This could result in a frustrated client or a missed opportunity for a sale. You could get a call from a client (or a potential client) who needs an image from a shoot you may have done years ago. Imagine how impressed they would be if you were able to get that image to them within minutes? Not only are you able to do that with unlimited storage, but the mobile app allows you to grab any image in your archive from the palm of your hand. This is a major time saver for you both and will tell your client (or potential client) that they can depend on you to get the job done quickly.   

4. As technology advances, you’re completely covered.

Remember when your biggest CF card was 2GB and 6-megapixels was state of the art? Technology has changed photography rapidly and we’re creating more and larger files than ever before. As the industry continues to advance, you don’t have to worry about running out of space or paying for additional storage. And because we don’t restrict format or type, you can have peace of mind knowing your images are in good hands.

5. To be active on social media

When there are hot topics in the media, or trending news, having an image you can contribute keeps you relevant and active in the community. With unlimited storage, you can easily access any image you have pertaining to the topic, keeping you fresh in the minds of your followers. Plus, you could definitely raise the bar for #tbt.

Upload your entire photo library to PhotoShelter and give your photos the attention they deserve. If you don’t already have an account, click the link below to signup for Pro with unlimited storage today.



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