HONY Raises $2m for Pakistan | I Love Photography | Ep 60

HONY Raises $2m for Pakistan | I Love Photography | Ep 60

Fargo residents have their traffic stops broadcasted live on Periscope, bears have increased stress from drone noise, and the life of a pool as photographed by Risbhabh Kaul. It’s another week of I Love Photography.

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Our weekly look at all things photographic with Fernando Gomes and PhotoShelter co-founder Allen Murabayashi.

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1:22 Max Whittaker’s California Wildfire Photos
3:39 Chris Usher’s Katrina Diaspora
6:47 Alex Soth’s City of Water
8:34 Tomas Munita’s Walking in War’s Path
13:23 Photographer loses copyright infringement case because of Creative Commons
16:00 HONY raises $2m to help end bonded labor in Pakistan
20:38 Drones increase heart rates of bears
22:07 Ammunition to shoot drones
23:09 ND Cops are periscoping traffic stops and it’s not going well
25:26 Mikel Aristregi Prieto’s homeless, alcoholic Mongolians
28:16 Tariq Zaidi’s Kazakh eagle hunters
30:12 Risbhabh Kaul spent two months photographing a pool
31:50 Woodstock was crazy, yo
33:57 Fainting bridesmaid + the first kiss


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