What Unlimited Storage Really Looks Like for Professional Photographers

What Unlimited Storage Really Looks Like for Professional Photographers

We’ve just made a pretty major change to PhotoShelter Pro – our top level account for pro photographers. It now includes unlimited photo storage. PhotoShelter Pro members may now upload as many photos as you’d like, with virtually any file type of your choice (including RAW, JPG, TIFF, PSD, DNG, PDF), and any file size is OK with us.


PhotoShelter CEO Andrew Fingerman

This is huge news for our photographers and their archives. It’s about saving money on storage, and it’s most certainly about so much more. Unlimited storage plus the power of PhotoShelter’s tools just may change the way many photographers work. Imagine the things you can do with a fully searchable archive of every photo you’ve ever taken, available to you and your clients anytime, anywhere, in it’s original file type and size.

Sure, there are plenty of other services boasting “unlimited storage” options, but ours provides some very important distinctions. As we looked around at these other services, we realized that most offers are gimmicks with very real limitations, and often they’re a poor fit for the needs of pro photographers. Generally, the pitfalls are the same across services – file type limitations (often JPG only) and file size limitations (e.g. most range from 64MB to 2GB maximum before they start charging you more). In other cases, pure storage may exist, but then you can’t really do anything of value with your images once uploaded.

So, our unlimited storage offering is truly unique.

We’ve brought to market an offer that enables a pro photographer more flexibility in pushing their entire archive to the cloud via PhotoShelter. Unlike other services, we’re not limiting the size of your files, and we’re enabling you to manage just about every key photo file type. And unlike other standard “backup” options, you can also apply PhotoShelter’s tools to every single image in your archive — search and organize everything, manage metadata, sell prints and downloads, proofing and delivery for clients, plus data on client download activity.

We’ve approached this change with the one singular perspective that drives every PhotoShelter decision — we aim to help the pro photographer manage their photos and delight their clients with rock solid reliability. To a professional, access and control of every image ever shot is a very big deal. One (legendary) PhotoShelter member once told me: “There’s always another freelancer waiting to take my place, so I need to make my client happy every single chance I get.” Complete and total client happiness may be an elusive goal for photographers, but our move to unlimited storage can certainly help. Now, when a photo request comes in, it can be immediately acted on, no matter how deep within the photographer’s archive it may reside. In fact, every single photo in the archive becomes more useful — and more valuable — once it’s accessible online.

Half way through 2015, we’ve had a very productive year in pursuit of more powerful tools that help photographers make their clients happy. It’s fun to consider how these tie together with unlimited storage. For example – our more advanced Adobe Lightroom publish plugin provides a more perfect sync between your Lightroom catalog and your PhotoShelter image archive, so literally every photo you’re managing locally can now be managed on PhotoShelter as well. And then, when the urgent client photo request comes in (and you’re probably in the field, working), our new mobile app will let you find and provide instant, password protected download access for your client.

PhotoShelter turned 10 years old this year, and photographers today trust us with over 250 million images. Every step of the way, we’ve evolved to help you get work and do work in flexible ways that meet your own specific workflow. Our whole team can’t wait to see what you’ll upload next.


P.S. It’s incredible to see over 100 photographers a day joining PhotoShelter. If you’re not a member yet, try us out free for 14 days when you visit www.photoshelter.com.

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