Why Does Unlimited Photo Storage Matter? 9 Photographers Weigh In

Why Does Unlimited Photo Storage Matter? 9 Photographers Weigh In

One thing’s for sure – no two photographers have the same exact business needs.  One indisputable need that we do share, however, is the need to keep our images secure and be able to access our work quickly.

In my own photography business, it’s a huge benefit to be able to store all of my portrait clients’ imagery and make photos accessible to them at anytime. Since unlimited storage launched, I’ve talked to many PhotoShelter members and am hearing a much wider range of reasons they consider this move a big deal for their business.

 Here are 9 that I think just about every photographer can relate to.

1. Workflow Efficiency & Fast Responses to Social Media  

Colin Boutlier, Corporate, Commercial & Media Photographer

Unlimited storage improves my business because it makes my workflow more efficient.  Without upload restrictions, I can now access my archive from anywhere in the world. This makes me a bit happier, to be honest, because it allows me to get away from the office.  I can just grab my laptop and work on my files from Starbucks or even sit in the pub to process files.  I can import large batches of files into Lightroom, and upload copies to PhotoShelter knowing the RAW files are safe anytime I need access to them.

Another great benefit is the ability to react quickly to social media topics or trends. When something interesting is happening on social media, more often than not I have an image to add to the conversation. In the days before unlimited storage, I would have to go to the studio, search drives and I would usually miss the opportunity because it was a pain to go through this process. I can now grab the image straight off PhotoShelter, edit it, and post it while the topic is still hot.

2. Image Security

Dylan Brown, Photojournalist


Biggest benefit to having unlimited storage?  Image security, hands down.  It’s not enough these days to backup images on two, or even three drives.  Having my work on PhotoShelter as well gives me great confidence that my work is safe, no matter what.

As a roaming photographer, I’m also always on the road.  Being able to upload all my selects to PhotoShelter allows me the freedom and flexibility to have my work with me at all times.  If one client needs to proof, and another needs to download, I can get them what they need at any time.

I recently finished an edit in Thailand for one of my bigger clients and they needed to download the photos in TIFFs.  If I didn’t have unlimited storage, I would have had to buy a hard drive or thumb drive and ship it through snail mail–which, coming from an international location, can quickly accrue high shipping costs not to mention the time it would take to get there.  I was able to upload over 200 TIFF files at 60mb or more each and send them a link within a day of the request.  Having unlimited storage has already saved me and my clients’ time and money.

3. Impress Your Clients

Casey Templeton, Corporate & Commercial Photographer

A financial team holds an impromptu meeting in a modern space.

PhotoShelter has changed my professional life.  My process has revolutionized since making the switch and my clients have gotten spoiled.  As my equipment improves and my file sizes more than double, I love that unlimited storage doesn’t interrupt the workflow for me or my clients due to space restrictions. Being able to upload full resolution allows my clients to freely choose what download size works best for them, and I can track what images are being downloaded to better learn what works for their creative needs.

4. Peace of Mind

Riccardo Cellere, Commercial Photographer

Grand Prix Cycliste MontrÈal 2011

For me, the greatest advantage to having unlimited storage is peace of mind.  I no longer have to worry much about my physical off-site backup being my only back-up solution.  It’s a huge weight off my mind to have the extra assurance that my images are safe.  I’m also excited about never having to remove a client’s gallery because of space restrictions.

5. Easy Access for My Clients

Rebecca Douglas, Wedding Photographer

Gabriella & Iain Wedding 0734

I can’t rave about unlimited storage enough! I was just coming to the point where I was going to have to archive older work to free up space and now this means that I am going to be able to keep everything.  Not having to worry about how much space I have on my offsite storage is such a stress relief.

I’m now able to back up weddings for a lifetime and my clients will be able to access their images for years to come.  I will also be using it to back up RAWs in hidden folders so I know I have an additional backup in one offsite location.

Unlimited storage and the client proofing tool has revolutionised my business and lightened my workload which makes me one very happy customer!

6. Saves Time and Money for Everyone

Scott Indemaur, Visual Narrative Photographer

Unlimited storage has already saved time for both me and a client.  I recently received a phone call from a client needing an image from an assignment I shot 18-months ago.  I needed access to the RAW file for this request and before unlimited storage, I only stored high resolution JPEG’s.  Since I am now archiving my RAW files on Photoshelter too, I was able to log in, send the RAW file to my retoucher and then complete their request from the road. This resulted in delivering the image about a week sooner vs. having to wait to return home to access the RAW file.

7. Speedy Delivery of Any Image

Paulette Phlipot, Food Photographer

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 9.03.46 AM-1

I rely on PhotoShelter daily for my commercial, editorial and fine art photography.  I am often traveling on assignment and it is not uncommon for magazines or clients to contact me frantically in need of a certain image. Thankfully, because I’m able to have so many of my photos uploaded to Photoshelter, I can quickly jump on the computer wherever I am and get them the photo they need.  It’s great because it’s so quick for image delivery and it doesn’t matter where I am or where they are.  The last 4 cookbooks I’ve photographed have had the high res final images all delivered to the publisher via Photoshelter.

8. Sales You Wouldn’t Have Made Without It  

Steve Voss, Portraiture & Reportage Photographer

Not only does unlimited storage allow me to have my entire archive accessible when I’m traveling, but it also gives me the peace of mind that comes with having all of my photos in a different, physical location.

Also being able to log in and quickly generate a gallery for a client has resulted in many archive sales for me.  One instance that I was particularly grateful was when I was driving to New Jersey with my family.  I got a call from a business magazine I had recently done a shoot for.  The story had been moved up and the issue was going to press that night.  They needed the image immediately and I was able to stop in at a rest stop, download the RAW file, make the necessary adjustments and send it off to them all within the space of fifteen minutes.

9. Never Needing to Upgrade As Technology Advances

Matthew Webb, Documentary & Art Photographer


Each day I need more and more storage both in the studio and on the road. Editing is a ruthless process which discards many images, yet the larger files made with the latest digital cameras and large scanned negatives can easily take up terabytes of space, not to mention finished files. Unlimited storage allows me to match this increase online giving me the ability to access and deliver any of my images at any time. Last minute requests are frequent and images need to be able to be downloaded quickly and in the formats they are needed.

I was working on a project to help raise funds for a centre which supports pedagogical development for autistic children in Russia.  My images were to be exhibited at a gala ball to raise funds for the children.  My raid hard disk array was corrupted and I had lost all of the images.  Thankfully, I had already uploaded the digital negatives and finished TIFFs to Photoshelter. I was able to make corrections and fire off to the printer in time. The evening of the ball we raised over $200,000–more than enough to keep the centre going for at least another year.

To improve your business with unlimited storage, sign up for a free 14 day PhotoShelter trial.


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