PhotoShelter Has More Than 100 Tools. Which Ones Are Your Favorites?

PhotoShelter Has More Than 100 Tools. Which Ones Are Your Favorites?

At PhotoShelter, our goal is to ensure professional photographers are as efficient, productive, and successful as possible. We want every photo you take to be seen the way you intended, to remain secure, and to bring more value back to you. That’s why we designed a suite of tools to work together to deliver fine-tuned, high quality experiences for you and your clients. Like the best synchronized team, we’re calibrated to optimize every workflow.

Every day, our members tell us how our tools have made a big difference for them. We’ve been keeping a list of fan favorites, and we’d like to share some of those to show how you can put PhotoShelter to work for you, too! We’ll start with two beloved e-commerce features: Instant Sale and coupons.

1. Instant Sale


The Instant Sale feature allows you to quickly and easily generate a one-off sale without having to create profiles for how you would like to price your images. Just find the image in your PhotoShelter Image Browser, and send it directly to your client. It’s as simple as that. When your client receives the photo, they’ll be required to enter billing info, or you can invoice them and collect payment offline. This works great if the terms have been discussed offline, and you can even use our built-in rights-managed pricing calculator (powered by fotoQuote) to determine the industry standard for a particular usage. Easy peasy.  

Get the full scoop on Instant Sale.

2. Coupons


Coupons may sound simple, but we see them as a great way to incentivize clients to purchase from your website. And our coupon tool provides several detailed options to meet almost any need. Give a percentage off for the holidays, or a discount for the first hundred buyers who come to your website. Create a flash sale, or give a discount after your buyer spends a certain dollar amount. There are a variety of ways to make coupons a part of your marketing strategy.

Get the full scoop on PhotoShelter coupons.

These are just two PhotoShelter tools you may not have considered, but there’s certainly more where that came from! Next week, we’ll talk about some of the image visibility and delivery tools that may have fallen off your radar but can really boost your business in a powerful way.

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