Product Update: New Viewing Options for Your Clients!

Product Update: New Viewing Options for Your Clients!

Today we’re thrilled to announce two major improvements to our client proofing tool, both designed to simplify the client viewing and filtering experience as a whole:  

  • Photographers can now create custom sets of images within a gallery
  • Any star rating embedded in the metadata will be included as a filter option

Have a large gallery that needs to be organized into categories? Want to let your clients know which images you liked best? We’ve got you covered! With custom image sets and star ratings, organizing the images for clients is now easier than ever.  

Check out our Support Center to learn more about the client proofing tool, or give us a shout at with any questions.  

Happy proofing!

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  1. David at 8:57 am

    Great update. Looking forward to using the new features. Any way to create custom sets automatically in client proofing tool based on selected keywords from Lightroom metadata (rather than building them manually in proofing tool) ?

    • Natalie Blank at 4:35 pm

      HI David,

      That’s not an option at this point, but you’re still able to sort using keywords–and we’ve made them smarter! Now, if a keyword is used for every image in the gallery, it won’t show up in the filter options making the results more relevant. So, this allows you to accomplish what you’re describing. If you need any further clarification, drop us a line at

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