Take Your Photography to the Next Level with Tethered Shooting

Take Your Photography to the Next Level with Tethered Shooting


We’re excited to share that our friends at Tether Tools and the American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP) have come together to create the Ultimate Tethering Guide out of a shared commitment to providing the creative community with the most valuable and useful resources that support the practice of photography.


 This Guide details the benefits of tethering as well as the best gear and software to use to maximize your results. It touches on topics like how to set up your workflow, which tethering cables are best for your specific camera model, options for wireless tethering, setting up file management systems, backing up your work, and workflow security.


Shooting tethered can help fine-tune image quality, simplify the selection process, and in turn, save a lot of time. Plus, clients will appreciate the ability to be on set, checking shots as you go, and a happy client is a long-term client.

This free download is perfect for those who’ve never tried tethering and experienced tethered photographers looking to streamline their workflows. Download now by visiting http://www.dpbestflow.org/tetherguide!

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