The Most Memorable Moments from Photoville 2015

The Most Memorable Moments from Photoville 2015

Full disclosure: Photoville may be our favorite photo event of the year. Highlighting some of the most talented and diverse photographers from all over the world, the festival brings together creatives who share a real passion for image making. It’s no secret why we love it.

For the third year in a row, we were excited to participate and host a full day of photo talks. Topics ranged from tips to entering photo contests, to PR for your photography, to an exclusive conversation with renowned photojournalist David Burnett. Throughout the day, industry leaders shared insights to help photographers get inspired, connect with the right clients, and get ahead in their businesses.

Here’s a look at some of the highlights, including our favorite quotes.

An Exclusive Conversation with Photojournalist David Burnett


“In the end, it wasn’t even so much about getting work published somewhere. It was about creating work and letting that work have life.”~David Burnett, Photorjournalist

“Everyday I walked out of the hotel room and didn’t know what was going to happen. You had to be ready for anything.”~David Burnett, Photorjournalist

“And always remember, a camera does not a photographer make.” ~David Burnett, Photorjournalist

Bringing Creativity to Life: A Conversation with Sarah Silver & Diego Marini


“When you work with a really great creative director, they tell you what they want and then let you blossom. That’s the right kind of relationship.” ~Sarah Silver, Photogrpaher

“How do you get a creative director’s attention? Find a specialty. Develop your own voice. ~Diego Marini, Creative Director 

SEO for Photographers with Digital Marketer Jon Chang


“On Google, more than 80% of the clicks happen in the first three listings, so it’s your job to get yourself to that first page.” ~Jon Chang, Senior Social Media Manager, Makerbot Industries

“As a photographer, if you can get people to link to your site because you have helpful information, that’s one of the best things you can do. And always keep in mind the Jonathan Perelman quote that if content is King, distribution is Queen. And distribution wears the pants in the relationship.”~Jon Chang, Senior Social Media Manager, Makerbot Industries

Do’s & Don’ts to Entering Photo Contests & Submitting Your Work Online


“Does the image make you pause? Is it something that’s graphic? Is it something that’s emotional? If the answer to those questions are yes, then submit that photo to a contest.” ~Jason Groupp, Director of Education and Membership, Photo+ Group

“There’s nothing wrong with manipulating in some instances. It’s not such a bad word.” ~Mark Henflin, Director of American Illustration and American Photography

“Being able to grab people’s attention in the first 3-5 seconds is really important. If it’s takes 15 or 20 seconds to communicate a story, then you’ve lost the viewer.” ~Scott Krenitski, Director of Business Development, Tongal

PR for Your Photography: The Secret to Getting Featured


“Find people who care about the issues that your work is about and make sure they know you exist.” ~Blake Zidell, Blake Zidell & Associates

“One of the things that we really pride ourselves on is helping photographers tell their story. It’s not just about getting the photos out there, it’s about helping tell a larger narrative. ” ~Erin Allweiss, Co-Founder, The No. 29

“Each social platform has its own etiquette. Facebook is a bit more private. Instagram is for gathering people. Twitter is your microphone.” – Gabriel H. Sanchez, Photo Essay Editor, BuzzFeed

And a few extra highlights!

Joy on the marketing team heads up the PhotoShelter table.


Photographers gather after the panels for our annual peer review happy hour. (What’s better than photos + beer?)

Happy Hour

And the day wraps up with a sunset over lower manhattan.

_F011553 (1)

’till next year Photoville!

All photos taken by Fernando Gomes

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  1. Lawrence Hudetz at 11:29 am

    “And always remember, a camera does not a photographer make.” ~David Burnett

    That reminds me of another one:

    “The camera takes better images than you do” ~Minor White.

    Minor had all kinds of aphorisms about photography. Another one, among the best was when asked for data (f stop, shutter speed, ASA) concerning publication of a number of his images, his response:

    “For data, the camera was faithfully used”.

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