Exclusive Webinar: Meet Libris. Visual Asset Management for Organizations

Exclusive Webinar: Meet Libris. Visual Asset Management for Organizations

Question: What happens to your photos once they’re handed off to the client?

Answer: Unfortunately, you have no idea. And from what we’ve seen, it’s a complete mess.

Right now, large organizations are on a massive content binge. Brands, media, and nonprofits are producing and publishing more content than ever before. They’re creating millions of assets everyday, whether to sell their products, preserve historical moments or engage with their audience. People connect better with visual content, and today we have more exciting ways to share it than ever before.

Photographers, of course, inherently understand the power of visual communication and the end-to-end process of creating and managing compelling content. Organizations, on the other hand, are just starting to learn to speak visually. But, as the bingeing increases, it’s becoming obvious that they are far from fluent in how to organize, share, locate and use visual content efficiently and securely — let alone manage licensing and usage rights.

We’ve heard it from our members who work with brands, universities, sports teams and nonprofits. We’ve heard it from the organizations themselves. Content enters an organization and gets lost in team silos, scuttled away on hard drives and disks, buried in shared folders and on individual desktops, and is frequently misused beyond original licensing agreements.

Enter Libris, a new product from PhotoShelter focused on helping organizations easily, efficiently and securely organize, collaborate on and share their visual assets.

Libris is the PhotoShelter you know, with several added features built to suit companies’ unique needs. Consider, for example, the need for organizations to own assets, rather than individuals. Or, offering support for multiple users and groups that have different access permissions. Or, the ability to manage multiple content contributors and content types, including video. It’s all in Libris. And it brings our 10 years of experience managing over 250 million visual assets and our customer service philosophy to support the client side of visual storytelling.

Libris is here to help companies speak visually — and to help you help them do that.

Sound intriguing? We hope so. We’re thrilled with the feedback so far and we think more PhotoShelter photographers should know about Libris. We hope you’ll join us for a photographer’s preview of Libris in an exclusive webinar next Thursday, 10/29 at 3 pm ET / 12pm PT. In it, we’ll show:

  • How over 200 organizations, from ConocoPhillips to Chick-Fil-A to University of Florida, are currently using Libris to centralize visual assets and communicate visually.
  • How Libris has made life easier and expanded client relationships for some of our photographers.
  • How you can work with Libris to support your clients’ needs.


It is truly an exciting time for the industry, for our members and for PhotoShelter. Libris is yet another way we can make the visual economy work for everyone.  

p.s. Can’t make the webinar? You can also visit our Libris website and Libris blog to see what it’s all about.

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