PhotoShelter Fan Favorite Tools Part II: Upload, Search, & Deliver

PhotoShelter Fan Favorite Tools Part II: Upload, Search, & Deliver

At PhotoShelter, we have designed a suite of over 100 tools to work together to deliver fine-tuned, high quality experiences for both you and your clients.

Every day our members tell us how our tools have made a positive difference in how they work.  Last week we shared shared a few sales tools our members love, and today we’re highlighting some sharing and delivery tools our long-time members rave about.  Read on to see how our desktop uploader, embeddable search box, and quick send feature can make your online photography business even more efficient and successful.

1. The Desktop Uploader

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Our developers built the desktop uploader application to give you the option to quickly upload any images you have on your hard drive or computer to your PhotoShelter archive. It works much like FTP with your file structure on the left, and the destination structure on the right.

If you have a large upload, it’s more efficient and quite a bit faster than the web uploader as you’re able to upload entire file directories (including nested folders) and you aren’t depending on your browser for the upload. If you have our Pro plan with unlimited storage, this is helpful because you can upload your entire archive to PhotoShelter with just a few clicks, and let it run. This is also just one of our half a dozen ways you’re able to upload.

Get the full scoop on the desktop uploader here.

2. Embeddable Search

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The embeddable search tool is an excellent feature that every photographer who has an outside blog or website should definitely be using. This tool automatically generates a code that you’re able to plug into any outside website/blog. Visitors can enter keywords into the search box, and it will pull any publicly searchable image in your PhotoShelter archive (whether it is listed publicly on your website or not!). This also comes in handy for photographers who want all of their images to be searchable, but not necessarily displayed in their portfolio.

Get the full scoop on embeddable search here.

3. Quick Send

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 12.22.06 AM

The quick send feature allows you to generate a one-time use download link for clients who need an image (or many images) quickly. Forget about passwords, logins, attachments, etc. and deliver a professional, easy to use link for your clients. You can choose the size and customize the email, and rest assured the link can’t be used by anyone but your client. It’s one-time use, accessible only by the person you sent the email to.

Get the full scoop on quick send here.

What are some of your favorites tools? Let us know in the comments below. And of course, if you’re not a PhotoShelter member, but want to take advantage of these great tools and more, sign up for a free trial today.


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