The 10 Most Popular PhotoShelter Posts of 2015

The 10 Most Popular PhotoShelter Posts of 2015

We published over 225 pieces on our blog this year. Here are the top 10 most popular by page view.

10. 6 New Year’s Resolutions You Can Copy from the Pros

Photo by Benjamin Heath

Photo by Benjamin Heath

New year and a new chance to reinvigorate your business and photography. Copy these resolutions from the pros.

9. Getting Hired: 10 Tips from National Geographic, The Cut, Sports Illustrated and More

Alexandre Buisse-1

Trying to break in to a new magazine or score a big contract with a client? Learn the tips to get hired.

8. Wiz Khalifa Was Nearly Arrested and No One Noticed He Used the VHS Camcorder App


Rapper Wiz Khalifa was shoved to the ground by airport police for refusing to dismount a hoverboard. He filmed the incident and posted it to social media using an app that makes it look like an old VHS tape.

7. What’s in NatGeo Photographer Jim Richardson’s iPhone?


You might already know what’s in the bag, but what apps are photographers using in their phones? National Geographic contributing photographer Jim Richardson tells us.

6. Is TIME Screwing Photographers?


A new photo contract is being shoved down the throats of Time Inc. photographers. How bad is it?

5. Why You’ll Never See a Photo Like This Again


Rich Clarkson’s iconic photo of Lew Alcindor (aka Kareem Abdul-Jabbar) won’t ever be reproduced. You might be shocked why.

4. This Might Be the Greatest Photographer About Page Ever


I was born and raised somewhere and had an interest in photography? Nope. Not even close.

3. The One Thing Apple Understands is Photography


Hundreds of engineers are responsible for the iPhone camera, and Apple throws a ton of marketing behind the capabilities of its camera. This most popular camera brand knows a thing or two about photography.

2. Did I Just Give My #Permission? The Hashtag as Consent


The inception of the hashtag was taxonomical. Now, it’s being used to steal your photos.

1. 50 Fantastic Photo Workshops Happening in 2015 

SSA Lighting

Get inspired (and maybe even learn a new trick or two).

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