Simple Tips for Boosting Photo Sales in a Powerful Way

Simple Tips for Boosting Photo Sales in a Powerful Way

#WorkLessWednesday tip #4, at your service. This week we’re talking sales. If selling more of your work (or services) is a goal this year, this post is for you. There are literally dozens of strategies you can consider, but remember, the goal is to #MakeItSimple. So, pick one or two ideas and try them out. The beauty of this? There’s always more to try.

But, first things first:
Get your website set up for sales.

We make it easy by offering a set of available products from our four integrated print partners. Select the image you want to sell from your archive, the format you want to sell it in, and set your price over and above the stated wholesale cost. The printer will receive the order and ship it directly. Totally hands off for you! You can learn more about the 3 simple steps to selling with PhotoShelter here.

Stuck when it comes to setting prices? No question, it’s tough to figure out what to charge for prints, products and services (let alone the shoots themselves). Head to sites like Fine Art America to check out what others are charging. Or, google others in your specialty or geographic area and check out their pricing. Just remember: it’s always easier to lower prices than to raise them. So don’t start too low!

Now, go to it by getting out there and trying your hand with a few of these different tactics.

  • Limited editions – #FOMO (fear of missing out) is a real thing and great incentive for buyers.  
  • Discounts on goods or services – Choices are pretty limitless here. ‘Buy one, get one.’ Percentage discounts that expire after a few days. Packages of multiple products.


      Shannon Wild

  • Client referrals – Give business cards or promos to your clients so they’re able to easily refer you to others.  Go a step further by offering a discount for each referral.
  • Packages – Group prints or services together for a discount.  
  • Co-marketing – Partner up with others in the industry to reach a larger audience.


      Alexa Miller

  • Bartering – Get in touch with friends, local businesses, or other creatives and explore ways to offer mutually beneficial goods and/or services.  
  • Mini-sessions – This gives clients of all budgets an opportunity to hire you, while making more than you normally would in a single day.
  • Video series – Create a youtube or vimeo channel and offer subscriptions. Once you gain a following you can also charge for advertising space.


      James Nader

  • Guides – Put your experience/learnings in a PDF to sell on your blog or website.
  • Newsletters – Embed a signup form in your blog or website. Offer specials to those who sign up.

ayer copy

      Alex Ayer

  • Workshops & Lectures – Extend your next photoshoot in an interesting location and offer a workshop, or host lectures at your studio for a fee.


      Nour El Refai

Check out even more tips on making the most of your sales in 2016.


Questions?  Don’t hesitate to get in touch!




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  1. Antonio Espino at 4:27 pm

    One that is not mentioned in this article is to post your services and a few photo examples on the very popular website – Craigslist. Some may prefer NOT to, but, I have gotten a few leads and work from these FREE ads.
    Did I mention it is FREE? If it doesn’t work, try the others mentioned.

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