A Few Practical Ways To #MakeItSimple For Your Clients

A Few Practical Ways To #MakeItSimple For Your Clients

#WorkLessWednesday #5 comin’ atcha. If you’re a post or two behind, here’s last week’s post on Selling Without Breaking a Sweat. Today, though, it’s all about the people who make it possible. Without clients, we’d all be out of a job. They give us the opportunity to do our craft for a living. What better way to show appreciation by making their lives as simple as possible for them (which conveniently makes it easier for you and makes it more likely that you’ll get hired again — that’s a win-win-win).

1. Make Choosing Images Easier For Your Clients

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Images by Todd Owyoung

The share and proof process for your clients is just as important as delivering the final product. If the process is clunky or needs to be accompanied by cumbersome instructions,  you’re definitely not pampering your clients. The PhotoShelter client proofing tool makes the selection process a breeze. With a mobile-friendly display, your images look great on any screen. It’s incredibly easy to navigate and make selects, with the ability to filter by orientation, keyword, and star rating. Plus, it all happens right in your branded experience. Practically effortless – and definitely more efficient than viewing one image at a time, writing down image names, composing an email and sending it back to you (or, worse yet, trying to go over them by phone).  

2. Make Invoicing Easier For Your Clients


Many corporate or government clients need to receive an invoice before they’re able to deliver payment. And it just so happens we’ve got a fix for that. It’s as easy as checking a box in their contact card within your PhotoShelter address book (see below).

Once you do this, they will no longer be required to enter their billing information when selecting an image for purchase. Instead,  you’ll both be emailed a copy of the invoice. The outstanding balance will remain in the “pending payment” area of your sales dashboard until you mark it as paid.

3. Make Downloading Easier For Your Clients

If you’ve got a client with whom you’ve contracted a broad usage of your images (or one for whom you shoot regularly), let them download images as needed by making them a trusted client. They’ll have access to all images you make visible to them. They’ll be able to login quickly, find what they need and download – and you don’t have to lift a finger. You can even control the size at which they download so they can, for example, try out an image in layout before receiving the high resolution version for print. An added bonus is that you’re able to keep tabs on what’s been downloaded in your account statistics.

4. Make Getting In Touch Easier For Your Clients

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You’re likely more often away from your desktop than sitting behind it — but client requests come in at all hours. Let your phone do the work with the PhotoShelter Mobile App. No matter where you are, you have the ability to deliver images, manage sales, and impress clients with just a few taps and a few minutes of time — meaning one less disruption to your day and one less worry on your mind.

The PhotoShelter mobile app is currently available to all iPhone users.

Have your own tips to #MakeItSimple for your clients? Share in the comments below!

Questions?  Don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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