These Are the People Who Make PhotoShelter Great

These Are the People Who Make PhotoShelter Great

If you’ve been a PhotoShelter member for any length of time, chances are you’ve emailed or chatted with someone on our awesome Client Services team. It could’ve been Jon who helped you set up your CNAME or maybe Caitlyn or Toni showed you how to re-size your logo for your site. Not only do they pick up the phone when you call (and usually on the first or second ring), but they do all they can to make the time you spend with PhotoShelter enjoyable and easy.

These folks are the backbone of operations here at PhotoShelter. And, not only do they serve you, but they also support the organizations using our newest product, Libris, for their visual asset management needs. Recently, the team got some love over on the Libris blog, and so we wanted to share it far and wide so all of our members get a chance to learn about the people who help make us who we are. And, yes, all the things that they do for organizations, they do for individual photographers (you!) as well. Check it out over on the Libris blog.

Want to learn more about how PhotoShelter can help your organization or client? Click here.

p.s. We would be extremely remiss if we did not also give our Client Service team a huge THANK YOU for all the hard work they put in. You guys rock!

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  1. Frank Nazario at 12:43 pm

    Thank you for your amazing dedication and work ethic. I am a pro photographer in Orlando FL and almost a year ago decided to use your service… I have never look back since. Great support, very cool simple interface, clear concise and PERSONAL tech support when you run into problems and all the features and resources necessary to grow in your creative business.

    Thanks again photoshelter. Best decision I’ve taken in a long while.

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