Dylan Coulter’s Slam Dunk

Dylan Coulter’s Slam Dunk

I subscribe to ESPN The Magazine to get online access to their “Insider” paywall content. This usually means when the magazine arrives in my mailbox, it goes directly into the recycling bin with nary a glance inside. This week’s issue was sitting on the kitchen counter waiting to be recycled when I sat down to check Facebook, and I’m glad I did.

Turns out the cover is a 3-panel fold out with a stunning composite by Dylan Coulter.


And if that’s not enough, there is a 4-panel composite on the reverse side.


Dylan Coulter? You mean the same Dylan Coulter who did the multiple exposure Walking Dead covers for Entertainment Weekly?


Yeah, that Dylan Coulter.

You mean the guy who did the visually stunning piece in The New York Times Magazine on the top soccer players?


Yeah, that Dylan Coulter.

The same guy who did the portraits of NBA MVP Steph Curry?


Yeah, that guy. The king of “pop” knows how to work multiple exposure composites with a contemporary style like few others. To you, sir, I say bravo.


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