Professional Photographers Instagramming Their Pets

Professional Photographers Instagramming Their Pets

Professional photographers use Instagram in many different ways. Most frequently, it’s a curated collection of their best work, but many photographers take a more casual approach and insert scenes from their daily life. Unsurprisingly, this often comes in the form of pets because who can resist a great pet photo?

So without further ado, here’s a handful of photographers who take #petpics

William Wegman


You can’t talk about pets and photographers without talking about William Wegman and his weimaraners. He might be best known for his use of 20×24 Polaroid, but Instagram works pretty well too.


Timothy Archibald


Timothy Archibald captured the travails of his son’s autism in “Echolilia” and is a pretty darn good commercial photographer as well. We’re just happy that the family cat, Tallulah, came back after an unannounced leave.


Michelle Bisaillon


Silicon Valley-based artist Michelle Bisaillon is known for her use of mirrors in conjunction with a pastel-palette to create a series of self-portraits. Also: her cat.


Brad Mangin


Baseball photographer-extraordinaire Brad Mangin spends most of his time near the baseball diamond and has two cats that guard his home while he’s traveling.


Ben Moon

This is Sadie, a larger than life dog who I had the pleasure of spending the past two years with. Last week we had to say goodbye far too early, due to an aggressive cancer that had advanced nearly symptomless until just days prior. Sadie was my girlfriend @whithassett's constant sidekick, and the two of them were instrumental in helping ease the loss of Denali. Rescued at age three from terribly unpleasant circumstances, she was given a fresh start by Whit as well as a fine life of adventure in the outdoors. Sadie loved "fishing" more than anything and was convinced any shallow body of water contained her next catch and would wade patiently at each pool, tail wagging with excitement. I first met Sadie on the beach during the making of the #DenaliFilm, and our first road trip was to that same surf break on Denali's very last weekend, when he told me it was time. Sadie's last beach romp was in that same place… saying goodbye wasn't any easier the second time around. Farewell Sadie-bear, you'll be missed! #cancersucks

A photo posted by Ben Moon (@ben_moon) on


Photographer, Director, Adventurer Ben Moon will break your heart with his short entitled 

“Denali.” He also recently mourned the loss of another dog Sadie.


Robert Caplin


When your cat is as photogenic as photojournalist Robert Caplin, he clearly needs his own Instagram account.


Pamela Chen

Apollo and Bean morning choir practice

A post shared by Pamela Chen ↠☓∙*·∞∗.∘⇢☾◌⠗∘ (@chenpamela) on


Instagram’s Director of Photography Pamela Chen has been known to swim with pigs on the island of Exuma, but I’ve got a crush on her two cats, Apollo and Bean.


Katie Orlinsky

Oh, you thought we weren't coming to Alaska with you?

A photo posted by Katie Orlinsky (@katieorlinsky) on


Katie Orlinsky travels have taken her around the world to cover heavy hitting topics like child brides with Stephanie Sinclair’s Too Young to Wed organization. No better way to decompress than these two little guys.


Theron Humphrey


Former studio fashion photographer Theron Humphrey embarked on a 50-state journey entitled “This Wild Idea,” and decided to take his dog Maddie along for the ride. She ended up on, er, things and scored a book deal in the process.


Andrew Knapp


If Maddie can have a book, so can Momo. Andrew Knapp took a page from “Where’s Waldo,” and created a series of books called “Find Momo” with his handsome border collie.


Preston Gannaway

One from our last couple of weeks together, as she so patiently modeled for a camera test. Nicole and I used to joke that she went from Queen Elizabeth (with her luscious, rippled fur collar) to Bob Marley (as dread locks started popping up in her hard-to-reach places). I wonder if she was aware. A couple of times I watched her try in vain to groom herself. She bent back twice, lost her balance and both times almost rolled over backward. So she just stopped. And I started wiping her nose and mouth. Washing her feet and tail. She didn't protest at all when I tried to help. So maybe she was aware. Those last couple of months, she was surprisingly happy. She had grown rather impatient and ornery with strangers in old age: hissed at every cat sitter and even scratched poor Madelyn Eich. A few times we became painfully aware of that aggressive side. But going through the archives for this series, it's nice remembering how affectionate she was during the first 10 years of her life. She certainly lost all aggression that last month. She just wanted to be taken care of. Every day she was given steroids to slow the tumor and every third day she got an appetite stimulant. For five months every day, Nicole would hold her and I would wipe her ears with warm water then reapply medication. It was stressful remembering and finding time on the busy mornings before work. Isis always seem to like it though, those few minutes of undivided attention from us. We would both kiss her head before putting her back down on the floor. #100daysofisis #isisthecat #inmemoriam #calico #makeportraits #photooftheday #tribute #notiphone

A photo posted by Preston Gannaway (@pgannawayphoto) on


Preston Gannaway won the Pulitzer Prize for Feature Photography in 2008 for her project “Remember Me,” which couldn’t be a more fitting title for the series of photos of her cat who recently passed away from cancer.


Kendrick Brinson

Sometimes I call Highland "Smileland." You can see why here. #westcoastexplorersclub

A photo posted by Kendrick Brinson (@kendrickbrinson) on


Editorial photographer (and the better half of Brinson + Banks) Kendrick Brinson sometimes travels with her dog Highland and makes epic #dogstagrams.


Peggy Sirota

Time to move on……Somebody's clearly sick of the Gronk story! ❤️PS

A photo posted by Peggy Sirota (@peggysirota) on


Editorial photography badass Peggy Sirota is known for her quirky celebrity portraits in publications like GQ. With such well-known subjects, it’s great to see her regularly feature her cat who is *so* over it.

Richard Phibbs

This dog is homeless. No one intended to leave this sweet guy homeless or force him to go years without medical care. Bill, an English Bulldog, was two when he was given to a family. They treasured him for three years until they had to move and couldn't take a dog along. They placed Bill with the family's grandparents but unfortunately they were too ill and also could not afford to take Bill to the veterinarian. When he arrived to the Humane Society of New York, Bill had heartworm disease and needed five months of treatment and rest. Now cured, Bill has a friendly, funny disposition. He's patiently waiting to go to his forever home. To meet Bill contact @humanesocietyny #bekindtoanimals #adoptdontshop "Dogs are our link to paradise. They don't know evil or jealousy or discontent."–Milan Kundera

A photo posted by Richard Phibbs (@richardphibbs) on


Richard Phibbs spends much of his time capturing fashion, but he has a big place in his heart (and Instagram feed) for shelter dogs, which he photographs at the Humane Society NY.


Alec Soth

Bandwagon fan #LBMisha

A photo posted by Alec Soth (@littlebrownmushroom) on


Magnum photographer and independent book publisher Alec Soth is best known for his large format work, and when he joined Instagram in 2013, he created a series of “Unselfies.” But that doesn’t mean his feed can’t take a timeout for the 2016 NBA Champion Cleveland Cavaliers.


Lucas Jackson

@mrharrison is one happy #puppy today.

A photo posted by Lucas Jackson (@lucas_jackson_) on


Photojournalist Lucas Jackson has traveled as far as the Arctic to take a picture, but he doesn’t travel as far to snap some pics of @mrharrison.


Craig Mitchelldyer

#Repost @poison_ivy_pup ・・・ Went to the vet today and weighed 35lbs. Am I still a puppy!?!

A photo posted by Craig Mitchelldyer (@craigmdyer) on


While he’s not running triathlons or taking photos of an MLS game, Craig Mitchelldyer is helping @poison_ivy_pup gain more followers on Instagram.


Allison V Smith

Exploring San Antonio with Dia #diaartdog

A photo posted by Allison V. Smith (@avose) on


Editorial and fine art photographer Allison V. Smith doesn’t discriminate. She regularly features both her cat and dog in her feed.


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