Introducing the PhotoShelter Mobile App for Android + iOS Updates

Introducing the PhotoShelter Mobile App for Android + iOS Updates

You’re always bouncing from one thing to the next – on the road, at a shoot, scouting a location, or even stuck in traffic. A photographer’s life is a life on the go; you can’t always be in the office (and let’s be real, who wants to be?). That’s why today we’re happy to share that both Android and iOS users alike can enjoy the freedom of managing your business right from the palm of your hand.

Take a look at the PhotoShelter mobile app in action:


We’ve also made some improvements, available for both Android and iOS:

  • Larger image downloads of up to 2040px (previously 1000px max).
  • Zoom capabilities in the single image view.
  • Ability to send invites for “View Only” galleries.

Early response has been great. “Invaluable”, “Professionalism in my palm”, “Simple” and “User-friendly” are just a few of the things we’ve heard. We’re confident the PhotoShelter mobile app will improve the way you do business — and allow you to spend less time in front of the computer, and more time doing what you love.    

Check out our newest iOS update along with a few fixes over at the Apple Store or Play store.


iosicon   playicon



Note: Push notifications are temporarily down but will be back online soon. Thanks for your patience!

*Formally supported devices: iPhone 5 & 6, Nexus 4/5x/6/7 , Samsung 4/S4/S5, and all other Android OS 4.1 and above devices.
*Compatible devices: iPad, iPad mini, and iPod


Device images © Karl Ahnee (Samsung) and Tim Matsui (iPhone)

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  1. Sara Goodnick Photography at 1:42 pm

    I downloaded it into my iPhone 5 and it won’t let me sign in with my password. I Changed it on the computer and it still won’t let me sign in. I keep getting “INVALID CREDENTIALS”. But here on the computer all is fine. ?????

  2. mark at 7:52 am

    I’m grateful there is an app but would love if you took it a step further and made it more client friendly. Ideally I’d like to make a personalized app to send to each client so they can easily download their images. Often times I’ll send people a link explaining how to download images but they still just take a screenshot and post that. I’ve seen other services where the photographer can have their own branded app, send it to clients and they can see their galleries easily, order prints or download to their phone.

  3. mark at 11:49 pm

    Still wish we could designate a page to an app and allow clients to download via mobile. With all those shiny new iPhone 8’s and all that would be kinda rad wouldn’t it? Even better if we could brand the app with our logo or an image.

  4. Brett Gilmour at 5:19 pm

    Using Android, the gallery permissions cannot be updated. Expiry dates, updating permissions, adding new users to galleries doesn’t work. Have notified PhotoShelter about this a few times since the app was launched. Without being able to add/subtract users or change dates the app is useless.

  5. Deirdre Ryan at 9:06 am

    Whenever I click on one image to get larger or just to scroll without words, etc., it won’t do that. It’s a bit clunky and needs to be improved still. And yes to a Portfolio function!

  6. Jan Oscarsson at 2:31 pm

    I rarely use the app since it really doesn’t give me any useful possibilities, more than maybe, change the password and visibility of a gallery.
    In addition to what others have said above I would also like to know, which images have been downloaded, by who and from what gallery.

    As it is now the app only tells me that: An image has been downloaded from your account.

    How is that of any help..?

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