Webinar on 8/23: Learn How Libris Benefits You

Webinar on 8/23: Learn How Libris Benefits You

Greetings fellow photographers. Peter Krogh here, professional photographer and digital asset management consultant. I’m leading a webinar on Tuesday, August 23, that outlines how you can provide value to your clients, and find new business opportunities. Libris (known to some photographers as “PhotoShelter for Companies”) is really taking off among companies who value photography. Not only did I help develop Libris as the Product Architect, but I also recommend Libris to my own clients. It turns out that our clients have many of the same needs that photographers do, and I wanted to bring my clients into a photographer-friendly environment. I want to make sure you know what Libris is, and how it can benefit you.


Photo by Peter Krogh for PBS

In the short time that Libris has been around, a number of PhotoShelter photographers have steered their clients over. Some photographers are even managing the Libris account for their clients, earning money and building stronger relationships with their clients.

In this webinar, I’ll cover the most common questions we hear from photographers about Libris, including:

  • How can Libris improve your client relationships?
  • How does the referral program work?
  • How can you help to set up or administrate a Libris account?

Photo by Peter Krogh for PBS

I’ll also share my own stories of referring clients (like PBS) to Libris, as well as examples of other photographers who have used Libris as a new business opportunity.


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