September Feature Highlight: Granting Download Access

September Feature Highlight: Granting Download Access

Delivering images is part of your job. In fact, it’s pretty much the job. But, getting those images to your client can be challenging, to say the least. Luckily, with your PhotoShelter account, there are several ways to deliver images. In a nutshell, we’ve built out a few methods that provide you with flexibility depending on how you work with your clients. Read on to learn the most common methods, how to enable them, and see which one works best for you.

And, don’t forget: we give you the ability to control the size of image that can be downloaded, length of time the image is available, and the number of times it can be downloaded. Bottom line – we’ve got you covered.

Granting download access through a gallery


This method gives you two different ways of granting download access for your clients: through a password, or through an email address.  A password allows anyone with that password access, whereas email address only gives the person with that email address access. If you need to give download access to many people, a password is the way to go. If there’s only a select few, or you need higher security – use login with email. You can create as many permissions as you need for any gallery and send an email to your clients directly through PhotoShelter.  

Tip: If you need to grant access to several people but you still need high security, save some time by creating a group in your address book.

Learn more about visibility and access.

Granting download access with quick send


Quick send is a quick and easy way to send a single image or multiple images to your client without directing them to your website. Simply select the images you’d like to send from the image browser, choose quick send from the actions dropdown menu, and a zip file will be delivered to your clients. It is a one time use only, so you don’t need to worry about it being sent on to others without permission.

Learn more about quick send.

Granting download access with FTP


Many companies will request that photographers FTP (File Transfer Protocol) their images to them.  This is really easy to set up through PhotoShelter.  You can create a new FTP destination, and it will be saved for anytime you need to use it going forward. Just as with all of our delivery methods, you can choose the file size and embed your metadata upon delivery.   

Note: You can also setup incoming FTP if you have a need for other photographers to upload into your photoshelter account.

Learn more about outgoing FTP.

Granting download access to Trusted Clients


A trusted client is someone you have an ongoing relationship or contract with. You may have an editor that needs access to small jpegs to decide what images they’re going to use, or perhaps a client who’s paid you for the entire year who needs unlimited access. Whatever the case may be, a trusted client will be able to download (via the permissions you’ve set) anything visible or that they have access to. You’ll set up trusted client access in your address book.  

Learn more about trusted client.

Granting download access through the PhotoShelter mobile app

The PhotoShelter mobile app allows you to use many of the tools available on your desktop, and granting download access is no exception. You’re able to give your clients download access through both the gallery visibility and access permission or by using the Quick Send feature.  Check it out on your Android or iOS device.

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What’s your favorite method for granting download access? Let us know and tell us why in the comments!

Questions? Contact our client services team.

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