New Member Shout-Outs: October 2016 Edition

New Member Shout-Outs: October 2016 Edition

We are back with another round of new members! Not only do these sites have great photography, they also have the portfolio site essentials, like easy-to-find contact information, a homepage with an edited selection of their best work, personal branding and a friendly About page that gives insight into their perspective and experience. Check out five of our new members below for some inspiration.

featured image: © Mike Pickles


Michelle Kanaar

Michelle's homepage – East template

Michelle’s homepage – East template

Name: Michelle Kanaar
PhotoShelter template: East
Member since: October 11, 2016
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Specialty and background: Michelle Kanaar is an international photojournalist based in Chicago. She has produced documentary photography on labor, education, housing and immigration for the Wall Street Journal, Reuters, the Chicago Tribune, and the Miami Herald. She also teaches digital journalism to Chicago Public Schools students with the goal of giving them the tools to tell their own stories.

Michelle received her M.A. in journalism from the University of Missouri. She is fluent in Spanish and intermediate in Arabic and has lived and worked abroad in several countries.


J. Ryan Rodgers

Ryan's homepage – Sonnet template

Ryan’s homepage – Sonnet template

Name: J. Ryan Rodgers
PhotoShelter template: Sonnet
Member since: October 12, 2016
Location: Charleston, SC
Specialty and background: Born and raised in Charleston, South Carolina, J. Ryan Rodgers shoots video and photography—covering everything from fishing and surfing and life in the Lowcountry to travel, fashion and lifestyle.


Mike Pickles

Mike's homepage – East template

Mike’s homepage – East template

Name: Mike Pickles
PhotoShelter template: East
Member since: October 7, 2016
Location: Hong Kong
Specialty and background: Mike Pickles is a photographer based out of Hong Kong, specializing in people that move and things that don’t. Mike studied photography in Scotland before shipping out to Hong Kong, in search of more shapes and colors to photograph. While he has eclectic taste and ability, he looks to unify his subjects with a consistent style that is both bold and graphic. Mike’s work strives to broaden commercial style and present a distinctive impression for a viewer in any context. Simplicity is key.


Wiktor Szymanowicz

Wiktor's homepage – Marquee template

Wiktor’s homepage – Marquee template

Name: Wiktor Szymanowicz
PhotoShelter template: Marquee
Member since: October 15, 2016
Location: London, United Kingdom
Specialty and background: Wiktor is a freelance photographer based in London, specializing in news and travel photography with a photojournalistic approach. His work covers a wide variety of subjects in diverse environments and photography styles; from breaking news stories through everyday life documentary to people & portraits. Through his photographs he aims to tell an authentic and inspirational story of people and places by capturing their characteristic features in a creative way. Whether it is a natural wonder, religious and social life of societies around the world, vigorous protests or the unique expression on a human face, he hopes viewers will get perspective and insight into the portrayed world.


Josh Wand

Josh's homepage – Horizon template

Josh’s homepage – Horizon template

Name: Josh Wand
PhotoShelter template: Horizon
Member since: October 7, 2016
Location: San Francisco, CA
Specialty and background: Josh Wand is a food and travel photographer working in the US and Asia. His work has appeared in Saveur, Imbibe, The Art of Eating, Edible Manhattan, and Zester Daily, and is syndicated to outlets around the world.


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