Get Work Done Even Faster with These PhotoShelter-Friendly Apps.

Get Work Done Even Faster with These PhotoShelter-Friendly Apps.

Did you know PhotoShelter has an Application Program Interface (also known as an API) for developers? With it, you can create applications that will seamlessly plug the PhotoShelter tools you need right into your platform. Here are a handful of companies who have used our API to streamline the workflow between our platform and theirs — and have made it accessible to you so you can get things done faster and easier.  

1. Foliobook


Foliobook allows you to showcase your images in a beautiful, full-screen format right from your iPad. For those times when you need to create a portfolio for a client, or show a body of work to an agent – Foliobook doesn’t disappoint. No internet connection needed, and forget about re-sizing. Just select the images from your PhotoShelter site and presto – they’ll download to your Foliobook portfolio, ready to go.

Here’s a short tutorial to learn more.

2. Snapizzi


Snapizzi is an easy solution that drastically simplifies the photo shoot and editing process for high volume photographers. Whether you’re shooting product photography, class portraits or a wedding reception – this tool is a game changer. All you need are business cards with a QR code to match customers to their photos. From there, clients will be able to access the images directly in your PhotoShelter account — no emails or links needed.

Learn more about Snapizzi.

3. Blogstomp


Blogstomp is an app that allows you to create many different layouts and styles whether it’s for your blog, Facebook, Gallery, or anywhere that you share images online. You have multiple options to personalize your images with text, borders, color blocks, along with your own branding, and you can upload to pretty much any website from within the app.

Learn more about BlogStomp.

If you’re interested in using the PhotoShelter API for your own business, you can get started here.  

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  1. Mark Fa'amaoni at 7:03 pm

    Are there any CRM Management tools or similar planning on connecting with your API in the near future? If not, are is updating the client address book feature part of the photoshelter roadmap? It badly needs updating: especially compared to some of your competition.


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