October’s Roundup: Our Question of the Week Series

October’s Roundup: Our Question of the Week Series

We hope you’ve had a chance to check out our Question of the Week (#qotw) series, but if you’ve missed any – we’ve got you covered. Check out the latest questions answered by those who know best (also make sure to take a look at last months roundup for even more of your questions answered). This month we’re covering holiday discount offerings, business tips, how to implement a newsletter and what you need to know when working with photo editors.

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Photo Editor of SAVEUR Magazine Michelle Heimerman shares her tips for working with photo editors.

Michelle’s POV:

  • If you’re traveling, let photo editors know with a short and simple email (less is more).
  • Link to your website and make sure your homepage image is strong.  
  • Don’t overdo it. Sending many forms of communication is not the way to get an editor’s attention. Reaching out occasionally is your best bet, and they’ll get in touch with you when they need you.

Libris Sales and Marketing Manager Alex Begley shares how to offer holiday discounts through your PhotoShelter account.


  • You can create coupons within your PhotoShelter account.
  • Offering coupons are really flexible, giving you several options for how you’d like to offer discounts. For example, “Save 20% when you spend $200, or give the next 15 buyers $15 off”.  

Alex’s POV:

  • Market your discounts with a custom page, a promo on your homepage, in your footer, in a newsletter, and of course, social media.

Founder of Snapizzi Randy dela Fuente shares his business tips for high volume photographers.  


  • Look at the metrics of your business, and make sure you’re analyzing all parts of your business.

Randy’s POV:

  • Pick one metric from your business. Track it and look for ways to improve it. Then do it all over again.
  • Head to the Snapizzi blog for even more business tips.

Senior Manager of Client Experience Rachel Reiss shares how to add a newsletter signup option to your PhotoShelter account.


  • There are many free newsletter services, like Mailchimp for example, that allow you to plug the code for a newsletter directly into your website.

Rachel’s POV:

  • Add this code to any page of your site that allows for html such as:
    • Your about page
    • A custom page
    • Your contact page
    • Your footer (available in 3 PhotoShelter templates)

Looking to have your photo/tech question answered? Ask us and we just might pick your question next.

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