New Member Shout-Outs: February 2017 Edition

New Member Shout-Outs: February 2017 Edition

We’ve got a great roundup of new members for you from all over the world.

Sometimes we see trends, but none as strong as this month’s Horizon theme trend. In fact, all of these featured members are using it, and we love how they’ve each made it their own. Photographer Lawrence Davenhill said, “I chose the Horizon theme because the full screen image display really makes the photos stand out, especially when viewed on desktop.”

Scroll down to check our our newest members sites, what they’re currently working on and the stories behind their featured photos.

Feature photo by Sally Blood.

Sally Blood

PhotoShelter template: Horizon

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Specialty and background: I am a Chicago-based portrait photographer specializing in editorial photography. I’m attracted to capturing the truth of the human spirit in all of us.

Current projects: I recently completed assignments for BP Magazine, and Where Chicago Magazine, among others. I also just finished a triptych project for Arc Gallery in Chicago, called “Seeing Red”. Currently I’m working on a portrait story to shoot on spec for a local publication and a crowdfunded project to photograph people in Burma.

Story behind the photo (below): I followed this lady in a small village in southern China for about a mile shooting her and her duck, but didn’t feel I got a good shot until she stopped to speak to a friend.

© Sally Blood

Liam Glass

PhotoShelter template: Horizon

Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Specialty and background: I am a Canadian commercial and editorial photographer, and I specialize in action sports. Skateboarding and snowboarding are what originally got me interested in photography and making videos. I’ve known a lot of the guys I shoot with for most my life.

Current project (below): A current project of mine is shooting environmental portraits of all the interesting people I’ve met through action sports.

© Liam Glass

Sage Causie

PhotoShelter template: Horizon

Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Specialty and background: I am a fashion photographer. My photography really revolves around bright colors and natural lightening. I love how colors can bring out the most beautiful features in people such as skin tones, eye colors, etc. My main focus is to create beautiful photos that tell stories. I want my gift of photography to be a break from the mundane world of reality.

Current project: I am currently putting together a visual book called “Skin” which will be about the intimacy of the human body. I’m going to incorporate shots of intimacy and pair it with different song lyrics. It’ll be my first visual book, and I’m excited to work with the models I chose. The anticipation of how it will look when it all comes together is exciting to me.

© Sage Causie

Daniel Bederov

PhotoShelter template: Horizon

Location: Montreal, Québec, Canada

Specialty and background: I am a Montreal-based photographer with a background in fashion modeling. Having been scouted for modeling when I was 18, I immersed myself in the industry and never looked back. My first big job was landing on a Vogue cover and that opened up countless doors to me as long as I was willing to step through them. Without hesitation I did and found myself falling in love with what I was doing. A few years later, I was craving more than just being the subject—I wanted to create and work on my own projects. I bought my first camera when I turned 23 and taught myself everything I know now.

Today I find myself constantly learning whilst working on numerous projects including fashion brands, leather accessory brands, jewelry brands and even restaurants. To find out a little more about my backstory check out my portfolio and the “about me” section.

Story behind the photo (below): This photo, amongst others in the series is a result of quick thinking, problem solving and a bit of luck. I was working with a new brand called Thread + Copper and we were shooting on location in an old country house two hours away from the city. I was staying there for a few days with the creative team, and we were shooting the look book on the first day, the “mood shots” with flats on the second day and then we were meant to shoot the campaign shots on the third day. Everything went according to plan up until the third day. Before the female models had even finished getting their hair done, a storm started and the clouds blocked out all form of daylight. Our mood board was no longer relevant, the sun was not planning on revealing itself anytime soon, and our models were ready. The creative director and I weren’t sure what we would do until I remembered I had two LED lights in the trunk of my car. The rest is history and the results speak for themselves.

Had I not had some spare lights in my trunk that I almost forgot about, we would’ve lost the client’s budget and our employers would’ve taken us for amateurs. The moral of the story is this: always, always have a back-up plan.

© Daniel Bederov

Lawrence Davenhill

PhotoShelter template: Horizon

Location: Leeds, UK and Wellington, NZ

Specialty and background: A lot of my work revolves around the natural world, how we interact with it and how it is changing in reaction to us. I am especially interested in our interactions with animals, from habitat destruction and agriculture to the many conservation efforts around the world.

Current project: I’m currently working on a project with Yorkshire Wildlife Trust to help inspire more people to assist with their conservation efforts. They are a wonderful charity that care for almost 100 nature reserves throughout Yorkshire. By drawing attention to the amazing work of their volunteers and the beautiful landscapes they protect, I hope to encourage more people to get involved with local projects.

© Lawrence Davenhill


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