This Conservation Photographer Never Left His Backyard

This Conservation Photographer Never Left His Backyard

Michael Forsberg has spent his career focused on his hometown of Nebraska. The area which is sometimes pejoratively referred to as “flyover” country is actually home to the Great Plains (an integral part of the nation’s bread basket and ecosystem diversity) and massive watersheds that provide life to humans and animals alike.

Photo by Michael Forsberg

A curiosity and concern for the environment has led Forsberg to use photography as a means of conservation – raising awareness, funds, and positive action to preserve this vital part of the Americas. Forsberg’s Platte River Timelapse Project has placed over 50 cameras around the the watershed so that people can see how weather, climate and man affect our supply of water.

And for the past two years, he’s taken his love for cranes and developed a Sandhill Cranes photography workshop to the delight of many nature photographers. This year, he was joined by avian photographer extraordinaire Melissa Groo.

To top it all off, Forsberg is one of only a handful of photographers to have more than a single image selected for a stamp which you can order right now.

I spoke to Michael last September at the Photography at the Summit Nature Workshop where we serve as faculty.

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