New Member Shout-Outs: April 2017 Edition

New Member Shout-Outs: April 2017 Edition

One of our favorite parts about this New Member Shout-Outs series is learning about how and why people entered the photography career. For some, photography is a passion that began at a young age and for others their love of photography unfolded through other passions over time. Either way we all share a love for good photography, and the work from this month’s new members doesn’t disappoint. Check it out.

featured image by Gabriele Facciotti


Joel Alan Alexander

PhotoShelter template: Element
Location: New York, NY
Specialty and background: I was born in Flint, MI in 1988 and left home at the age of 15. I spent most of my late teenage years touring in rock ‘n roll and country bands. In 2007, I was scouted by SK Models, and I have since been represented by IMG Models in New York City.

Spending 10 years on the other side of the camera developed a unique perspective in my imagery which lead me to produce campaigns for iconic brands, many that I had previously modeled for—Estée Lauder, Diesel, Fossil, All Saints, The Art Of Shaving, Vayner Media, and more. I have been invited to photograph New York Fashion Week, taken portraits of designers such as John Varvatos and Nicola Formichetti, and commissioned to retouch photos of Chelsea Clinton. I have been shooting for just over a year now.

My goal is to have efficient sets that are full of positive energy and enthusiasm. I love to create beautiful and meaningful imagery that tells a story from my perspective as an artist and exceeds the expectations of my clients. The details of my perspective are found in the photos. Everyone on my set gets treated with respect. It’s all about elevating and building up people. The opportunities I am currently seeking entail taking pictures of people in need and refugees. I think that would be amazing.

What’s the story behind the photo? (below)
I had a cool concept, a talented team and a great studio, but the model I booked was a no show. Thankfully my team was patient. As the producer, the pressure was all on me though. It was my shoot, and I didn’t want to look like an idiot. I called up my friend, Jacqueline Sullivan (@jaxiecatz), and asker her, “So, what are you doing right now?”

She was super willing to help out, and guess what? She killed it!! I’m very proud of the way this shoot turned out. When life happens I have to be able to pivot, trust myself (that’s a big one) and make calls. I’ll take a valuable lesson learned over a routine shoot any day. I learned that things don’t have to go the way I planned for them to work out.

© Joel Alan Alexander

© Joel Alan Alexander

Model: Jacqueline Sullivan
Hair & Makeup: Chealsea Reynolds
Stylist: Makahla Ross
Assistant: David Niacaris
Studio: Weld Studios
BTS Video: Trevor Forbess


Michael Chinnici

PhotoShelter template: Horizon
Location: New York and around the world
Specialty and background: I am a New York-based photographer, creative director and designer, and I’ve traveled the world photographing people, urban and street, architecture, landscapes, motorsports, aerial and fashion. I enjoy the challenges that various photographic disciplines present. I am the Founder and CEO of Photo Workshop Adventures, a premier photo adventure company offering Photo Adventure Vacations in over 100 destinations in over 50 countries.

I was introduced to photography by my father at the young age of 11. Using my dad’s Argus C3 and a basement darkroom, I began my love affair with the camera. Although I spent my early years in marketing and design, I founded New York’s first digital photography studio, “Icon Digital” in 1995. When I’m not on assignment or in the studio, I’m traveling the world searching for unique photo opportunities, exceptional hotels and amazing restaurants.

I shoot with FujiFilm and Nikon cameras.

What projects are you working on?
Currently I am focused on my “Vanishing Cuba” visual storytelling project which depicts the changes Cuba is facing as it emerges from over 55 years of isolation and decay. My 14 trips (and counting) have yielded amazing photographs, emotional stories and created lifelong friendships. Vanishing Cuba is about capturing the past, present and future of Cuba…and even more so, about capturing the “soul” of Cuba. I will continually document the way the country is changing as the old Cuba slowly vanishes into the new Cuba.

What are the stories behind these photos? (below)
The two images below were taken recently. One in Jaipur, India and the other in Havana, Cuba. The first image was conceived as I watched a beautiful Indian performer dance the night before, and I envisioned her dancing on the steps of an ancient stairwell. The next day I captured this image. If you have a vision, make it a reality. I don’t usually setup shots like this unless they are for commercial shoots, but in this instance, the setup was magical and worked beautifully.
The Cuba image was the complete opposite. I noticed a vintage American car on the street in Havana and instead of photographing the car from the outside I gravitated to the car window and that’s when I took the photo. Spontaneity—street photography as it unfolds. The inside of his car is his home, his office, his life—the life of a hard working taxi driver. The conversion to black and white helps evoke the mood.

© Michael Chinnici

© Michael Chinnici

Gabriele Facciotti

PhotoShelter template: Horizon
Location: Turin, Italy
Specialty and background: I’m an Action and Sports photographer born in Turin while it was snowing outside. My love story with photography began in the most classic of ways: my father’s reflex camera. The opportunity to stop a moment in time before it passes by fascinated me immediately. I love pasta, red wine, strong winds and black and white photography. Snow makes my heart pound and mountains make me feel better. I work with Pentaphoto, one of the main Italian and International Photo Agency that has been leading the field of sports photography since 1978. In winter I contribute with Associated Press and my shoots are distributed and published on both National and International Newspapers.

What projects are you working on?
Now I’m trying to focus on capturing emotions in action photography. In the next 3-4 months i will be shooting pro athletes, including climbers, paragliders, skiers, doing what they like most but not during races or official competition—I will follow them and try to shoot the most intimate part of the action, try to freeze the perfect moment where action and emotions meet.

© Gabriele Facciotti, Pentaphoto

© Gabriele Facciotti


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