New Member Shout-Outs: May 2017 Edition

New Member Shout-Outs: May 2017 Edition

We love checking out the new photographers joining PhotoShelter, and every month we get to share a few of our favorites here—everything from food and fine art to music and sports photography. Cheers!

featured image by Mikel Galicia

Wayne Earl Chinnock

PhotoShelter template: East
Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Specialty and background: I am based in the Boston area and have a studio in Lowell, MA. My educational background was based in journalism and fine art photography, and I traveled extensively for 15 years living in Japan, Spain, Ireland and Turkey. However, my specialty is really a mix of lifestyle and food photography. I worked in the restaurant business for about 15 years before going full-time with photography; my passion is a mix of creating commercial yet natural feeling imagery for restaurants, non-profits and universities. I also have a separate wedding and portrait photography brand called LoveDays Photography.

What projects are you working on?
Currently I am working on my first combo lifestyle, travel and chef cookbook with a premier restaurant on Nantucket Island. We are in the midst of putting together a fairly complete mock-up. I was just out there the last two days in some pretty cold New England spring weather, up to my knees in freezing water to create some beach side grilling and dining images. The concept is right up my alley because I have such a great working relationship with the chef and we are incorporating island life, oyster growing, wine pairing and so much more into the story. It’s a fun project to be a part of, and I am hoping it leads to similar opportunities.

© Wayne Earl Chinnock

© Wayne Earl Chinnock


Yvonne Renee Boyd

PhotoShelter template: Downtown
Location: Atlanta, GA
Specialty and background: I’m a fine art and commercial photographer with a focus on environments and landscapes. My fine art photography is black and white and somewhat abstract at times, and I also love shooting environmental portraits. I owned a boutique photo lab for ten years and am a master printer, so I have a passion for beautiful prints.

What projects are you working on?
My “Rise and Fall” series is an ongoing project which I’ve been working on for about 10 years now. It’s a black and white abstract landscape series all shot on a small island off the coast of South Carolina. I feel the land and water are trying to tell me something there. The high tide averages around 7 feet, and although, at first glance the landscape might appear to be exactly the same, it varies each day with each tide. All of the images are shot within 100 yards or so of each other, just at different times of day and different weather conditions. At first I began shooting in color and although the results were beautiful, it wasn’t exactly what I envisioned. Once I started thinking about it from a black and white perspective, it clicked. I was then able to concentrate on composition, tones, texture, and show the view that I saw. Also, I like the challenge of really having to search or work for the right image because you have no color to rely on to perhaps distract you from the intent. For this series I’m not interested in portraying reality, but striving to represent more of a mood and feeling.

© Yvonne Renee Boyd

© Yvonne Renee Boyd


Mikel Galicia

PhotoShelter template: Horizon
Location: Dallas, Texas
Specialty and background: I’m a Dallas-based multimedia journalist documenting the local music, sports and general goings-on in the city, but concert photography has become my specialty. My style is portrait-esque with vibrant colors and clean backgrounds, utilizing negative space and gradients while capturing the artist at peak action.

What projects are you working on?
After several years of writing about local hip-hop acts in Dallas, I’ve developed an extensive network and rapport with the hotbed of talent in the city, and I’m currently working on a portrait series featuring as many artists as possible.

What’s the story behind the photo? (below)
I love this photo of SMU Mustangs wide receiver Courtland Sutton because it perfectly encapsulates the passion and spirit he plays the game with, as he’s shown here fighting off three defenders.

© Mikel Galicia/Icon Sportswire

© Mikel Galicia


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