Best Instagram Hashtags for Portrait Photographers

Best Instagram Hashtags for Portrait Photographers

You shoot portrait photography. Maybe your style is to capture only the face, or to include the subject’s torso. Maybe you like to shoot the entire body. You may take portraits against neutral background, or perhaps in an environment like the street or someone’s home. Some of you may do most of your portrait work in the studio, whereas others may experiment with natural light. 

However you shoot portraiture, it’s likely you have a goal: to get your work out there. And that’s where Instagram hashtags come in.

In partnership with Feature Shoot, we’ve done our research to find the best Instagram hashtags for portrait photographers to help your work get found. We’ve broken them up into two groups: searchable and submittable. Tagging your image with a searchable hashtag allows others to find it by filtering through the search bar. Tagging your image with a submittable hashtag, however, means that you’re submitting your work to a feature page for consideration.

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If we missed any, please share with us in the comments!

© Jacob A. Martinez, IG:, seen on @pursuitofportraits

Portraits: Searchable

This self-explanatory hashtag can be used to indicate that your photograph is a portrait.

Similar to the above, though a search may yield results for paintings, drawings and other multimedia projects. This may play to your advantage in that you can reach new audiences.

For when you’re particularly pleased with a portrait and think others will like it too.

Similar to the above, this is a popular searchable hashtag.

Whether you want to interpret this as a reminder to yourself to take more portraits, or a request to other Instagrammers to follow suit is up to you. Use this hashtag to draw more attention to yourself as a portrait photographer.

Another hashtag that can be read as both self-encouragement and a challenge to your followers.

Portrait: Submittable

© Paolo del Castillo, IG: @paolodelcastillo, seen on @pursuitofportraits

Submissions: #pursuitofportraits
Followers: 148k
Posts with this hashtag: 1,755,607

Saunak Shah, the founder of this feature page reveals what he looks for in submissions: “The perfect image that represents the pursuit of portrait is one that emulates a moment captured in time, a sense of place and an emotion.”

Submissions: #portraitsmag
Followers: 21.3k
Posts with this hashtag: 298,295

Most of the images featured by #portraitsmag are traditional portraits, including only the face, though sometimes also the upper torso.

© Fabio Scorrano, IG: @scorrano_photography, seen on @portraitsmag

Submissions: #quietthechaos
Followers: 191k
Posts with this hashtag: 1,821,494

A popular lifestyle feature page with a mix of traditional portraits, mysterious shots taken from behind and environmental portraits—in some of these there are tiny people in big places.

Submissions: #postthepeople
Followers: 87.5k
Posts with this hashtag: 3,508,467

Fashion-inspired portrait feature page with a variety of traditional and unconventional perspectives and diversity of subjects. Submissions must include a short story to accompany the portrait.

© Haley Nord, IG: @haleynord, seen on @postthepeople

Submissions: #discoverportrait
Followers: 53.3k
Posts with this hashtag: 975,593

This feature page usually goes for close-up images of people—see the page to get a feel for the distinctive aesthetic they go for. Submissions with photographs of women are more common though male subjects do appear occasionally.

Submissions: #portrait_perfection
Followers: 24.2k
Posts with this hashtag: 1,353,054

Included here are portraits of men, women and children both in color and black and white. There is a variety of styles and genres, and some group portraits.

For a breakdown of 11 categories of Instagram hashtags you should be using, check out our guide in partnership with Feature Shoot, The Photographer’s Guide to Instagram Hashtags.

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