New Member Shout-Outs: August 2017 Edition

New Member Shout-Outs: August 2017 Edition

This month’s featured new members span the width of variety in photography—commercial, editorial, fine art, documentary, and landscape. We love how diverse their work is and how they’ve each set up their new sites. Check out five photographers that stood out to us this month.

Featured image by Kathleen Larsen

Ignacio Auditore

PhotoShelter template: East
Location: Mexico City, Mexico
Specialty and background: I have been an editorial and advertising photographer for 9 years, living in Italy, Argentina and Mexico. Most of my work is product shots, portrait, lifestyle, and documentary works. Photography found me when I was looking for something, but I didn’t quite know what. Always observant and fascinated by light, moments, and expressions, I found the way to save and recreate them. I found an important channel of expression in photos. The most outstanding brands with which I have collaborated are: Coca-Cola, Herdez, Sony, Walmart, Banco Ixe, Axxa Sguros, Converse, Knorr, El Gourmet, among others. I am always looking, always restless, always feeling.

The story behind the photo (below):
I shot this image about 15 years ago—and after seeing how it transmitted me to the exact sensation of that moment, it was the day I decided to become a photographer. Still today when I see it, it thrills me.

© Ignacio Auditore


Kathleen Larsen

PhotoShelter template: Downtown
Location: Menifee, California
Specialty and background: I am a fine art photographer who photographs landscapes that exist in only one place in the world—my studio. I create unique landscapes that are constructed from memory using light, found objects, and chemigrams. I draw upon my background in painting, drawing, and design to produce poetic landscapes that are mysterious, intriguing, and surreal. My hand is present in each image and they are an extension of me; they are my memories.

I am a nationally exhibited photographer with nearly twenty years of visual art teaching experience in all types of media and extensive experience in art show curation having curated more than three dozen student art shows at all stages from conception to exhibition to promotion. Currently, I am a graduate student at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco pursuing a Master’s of Fine Art (MFA) degree with a focus in Fine Art Photography.

What projects are you working on?
I’m working on a project called “Anywhere, Nowhere.” It is an exploration of an inner world of memory, space and time. The landscape is used as an outward expression of an inner world filled with emotion, light and color. The landscapes may appear to be real, but in reality, they are recalled emotions.

© Kathleen Larsen

Calvin Booker

PhotoShelter template: Marquee
Location: Marske, England
Specialty and background: I live in a village called Marske by the Sea in the North East of England. I have always had a passion for wildlife and in particular African wildlife since I first watched The Lion King as a child. I grew up watching all the nature shows and knew one day I would make it to Africa. That happened 2 years ago when I went to the Masai Mara, and I already have a trip planned for next year. I look at things in a completely different light now—it’s not just about taking pictures but telling a story and sharing it with people. I also enjoy going to airshows in the UK and motorsport events. Although the subject is different I find you can apply a lot of the same techniques.

What is the story behind this photo? (below)
This is probably one of my favorite landscape photos. We were just finishing our evening sundowner drinks, and I noticed the herd of Zebras starting to walk apart. I managed to capture the sun setting between the herd.

© Calvin Booker

Natalie Battaglia

PhotoShelter template: Horizon
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Specialty and background: For the last 20 years, I have been pressing the shutter-release button of a camera almost every day as a staff photographer for a newspaper, a university and now as a freelance photographer based in Chicago, Illinois. I find great honor and importance in documenting authentic experiences with the hope to connect with those who share the same understanding or wish to learn something new. My passion is to capture the human existence with a strong emphasis on small, overlooked details and everyday moments that reflect the big joy and enormous love that exists all around us daily.

What projects are you working on?
Currently, I am a contributing photography to a project documenting St. Columbanus Parish in Chicago’s Park Manor neighborhood. The parish is a predominantly African-American parish operating in a very poor community that faces poverty and violence daily. The entire Park Manor community relies on the parish for a variety of essential services, regardless of their religious affiliation. They run the largest food pantry in Chicago; a Community Service Center that offers GED and job training, substance abuse counseling and other life and career-related help; an athletic center with an active youth community sports league; a pre-K to eighth grade school; and of course the parish.

© Natalie Battaglia

Javon Campbell

PhotoShelter template: Marquee
Location: Manhattan Beach, California
Specialty and background: For me, photography has started as a hobby. My images are all taken using my DJI Mavic Pro and typically feature large bodies of water, clouds, and sunsets. I’ve been taking photos for about 8 months and am constantly striving to try new things for different types of images. I’m lucky to have had some great influences from other Southern California photographers. I really owe a lot to my friends and family for encouraging me to begin posting my pictures and setting up my awesome PhotoShelter website to showcase my full-size images.

The story behind this photo:
This photo is one of the first photos I ever took with my Mavic Pro. In the South Bay, we typically have two months of heavy fog (which we call the “marine layer”). It creeps up from the Pacific Ocean and blankets the beach towns of the South Bay with a layer of low, slow-moving clouds. Typically the Marine Layer will dissipate by early-to-mid afternoon but on this day, the fog was thicker than usual and left me with amazing views of the Palos Verdes Cliffs as the sun was setting. This was also one of the first photos that I had printed on metal and as of today is still my favorite.

© Javon Campbell

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