17 Best Podcasts for Photographers

17 Best Podcasts for Photographers

Whether you’re looking to stay up-to-date on the latest gear, need some inspiration, or want to build a better photo business, there’s a podcast on this list for you — no matter your skill level or interests. You’ll inevitably recognize many of the names, but there are also some you may not have heard of. All have the potential to teach and inspire and are hosted by people knowledgeable, experienced and passionate about the world of photography.

  • Photofocus by Photofocus and ThinkTAP

    • Skip Cohen and Chamira Young each bring a genuine love for the photography community as well as unique backgrounds and skill sets to the show. They interview well-known and up-and-coming photographers about a wide range of topics. This podcast has 4 regular shows a month including their newest series, “Beyond Technique,” where PhotoShelter members share their favorite projects, business tips, and how they got to where they are.
    • Hosts: Skip Cohen and Chamira Young
    • *PhotoShelter is a sponsor
    • iTunes | Soundcloud
  • PPN – The Photo Podcast Network

    • This podcast is run by Marco Larousse and Scott Bourne, both experienced photographers and well-versed in the photo world. Marco’s interviews with photographers provide inspiration and helpful advice, whether the topic is their favorite gear or lessons from their photo career.
    • Hosts: Marco Larousse and Scott Bourne
    • *PhotoShelter is a sponsor
    • iTunes | Google Play

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  • Pro Photographer Journey Podcast

    • If you enjoy learning through the stories and experiences of others, this podcast is for you. Chamira Young is a talented interviewer and brings out her guests’ most valuable life lessons and insight for anyone interested in photography and the creative pursuit.
    • Host: Chamira Young
    • *PhotoShelter is a sponsor
    • iTunes
  • Photography Tips from the Top Floor

    • Host Chris Marquardt tackles questions with practical advice and humor for an audience that includes a wide array of skill levels. You’ll find his topics helpful whether you are a pro or an aspiring pro.
    • Host: Chris Marquardt
    • iTunes
  • PetaPixel Photography Podcast

    • Bringing you photo news and gear reviews with a background in photojournalism, Mike “Sharky” James discusses everything from Lightroom solutions to patent rumors with two new episodes every week.
    • Host: Mike “Sharky” James
    • iTunes
  • The Business of Photography Podcast by Sprout Studio

    • True to its name, wedding and portrait photographer and host Bryan Caporicci breaks down key business concepts necessary for running a photo business and being an entrepreneur. He invites successful photographers to share their struggles and triumphs in the business as a practical audio guide with clear topics.
    • Host: Bryan Caporicci
    • iTunes
  • This Week in Photo

    • This Week in Photo (or TWiP) is hosted by Frederick Van Johnson and covers anything and everything photo-related. The guests are as diverse as the topics, and each conversation ranges from an in-depth review of their favorite new gear to how be better at marketing your work.
    • Host: Frederick Van Johnson
    • iTunes
  • LensWork

    • Claiming the title “the longest-running podcast on photography,” Brooks Jensen covers the creative side of the industry in short, thoughtful audio blogs – most episodes of Lenswork are around 10 minutes or less.
    • Host: Brooks Jensen
    • iTunes
  • The Candid Frame

    • Host Ibarionex R. Perello certainly brings to the table the technical side of things as he was a former Nikon engineer, but this show features conversations with up and coming and established photographers and their projects.
    • Host: Ibarionex R. Perello
    • iTunes
  • The Digital Story

    • This podcast with Derrick Story is known to be centered around photo gear and technology, although some recent episodes cover a more comprehensive view of photography with helpful topics like content creation and evolving your career.
    • Host: Derrick Story
    • iTunes
  • B&H Photography Podcast

    • Produced by B&H, it’s not all about gear as you might think. Once a week host Allan Weitz invites photographers for a fun chat about their photo journey, their niche and anything else happening in the world of photography.
    • Host: Allan Weitz
    • iTunes | Soundcloud
  • Improve Photography Podcast

    • Jim Harmer hosts roundtable discussions focusing heavily on gear and technology. This show will definitely appeal to the pros but it doesn’t leave out the beginners either.
    • Host: Jim Harmer
    • iTunes
  • The Martin Bailey Photography Podcast

    • Started in 2005, this podcast is a balance of both educational and inspirational content. Each episode offers an “enhanced” version that includes photos and other corresponding material for more interaction.
    • Host: Martin Bailey
    • iTunes
  • The Art of Photography

    • Ted Forbes is the host of this video podcast and releases a new episode three times a week. He uses practical examples to teach and discuss photo tips and gear – everything from composition, lens comparisons, workflow tips, etc.
    • Host: Ted Forbes
    • iTunes
  • The Six Figure Photography Podcast

    • With topics ranging from finding your own niche to determining the right time to hire your first employee, award-winning wedding photographer and host Ben Hartley invites experts in the industry to discuss the business side of photography.
    • Host: Ben Hartley
    • iTunes
  • On Taking Pictures by 5by5

    • These energetic, casual chats with hosts Bill Wadman and Jeffery Saddoris span a wide range of topics. They discuss and debate everything from photo news, gear, the philosophy of capturing photos and the joys and struggles of a creative career.
    • Hosts: Bill Wadman and Jeffery Saddoris
    • iTunes
  • 10FPS Podcast

    • Hosts and photojournalists Elena Volkova and J.M. Giordano have weekly conversations with an eclectic array of photojournalists and experts in the industry to highlight not only the state of the photojournalism world, but the heart behind what they do.
    • Hosts: Elena Volkova and J.M. (Joe) Giordano
    • Soundcloud

And of course don’t miss our own audio interviews on the blog with host and PhotoShelter co-founder Allen Murabayashi here.

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  1. Allan Dranberg at 1:25 pm

    Not a fan of Improve Photography podcasts. Jim Harmer is not a technically proficient photographer and it shows in his many poor opinions/practices in the profession. He may have, in the past, inspired some to get out a shoot, but it no longer seems like photography his main drive.

  2. Michael Clark at 9:56 am

    Visual revolutionary is one of my favorite photography podcasts and is way different than any of these listed here. If you aim to be a pro and are looking for a look behind the curtain of some of the best photographers out there I highly recommend checking it out.

  3. Chris Radcliffe at 11:14 am

    Michael Clark beat me to it (nice work, man. haha). I specifically checked this list to MAKE SURE Visual Revolutionary Podcast was on it. It’s not, but it should be. I’m telling you, it’s very very very good. Please, just check out the lineup. There’s no doubt you will be impressed. So much wisdom being shared. Straight magic, people, I’m tellin ya.

  4. Anita Watkins at 4:58 pm

    You missed the best one of all! Andrew Hellmich’s Photobizxposed has been one of the reasons I have been able to move to full time photographer. His interviews are the best by far, but even better is his premium members Facebook group. Andrew is seriously invested in EVERYONE’s success.

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