Announcing The List: The Top Photographers on PhotoShelter

Announcing The List: The Top Photographers on PhotoShelter

© Matt Baldelli, Finalist: Adventure category

If you ask us what we care most about, it’s one thing: helping you effortlessly create visual stories.

We believe in the power of visual storytelling. In fact, it’s something that touches every part of who we are — from how we build our product, to the over 80,000 photographers and 700+ brands in our community who celebrate visual media alongside us.

That’s why we’ve created The List.

The List

For the first time ever, we’ve assembled an exclusive list of the top photographers on PhotoShelter. This is our way of recognizing visual storytellers producing exceptional work, with no signs of stopping. Take a look.

© Audra Oden, Finalist: Lifestyle category

These 90 finalists were selected out of those who applied in our 80,000+ community who use PhotoShelter to showcase, store, deliver or sell their images. The List spans across 18 categories, including photojournalism, food, lifestyle, travel and sports.

© Kristina Varaksina, Finalist: Fashion category

© Tuul and Bruno Morandi, Finalist: Travel category

A panel of judges, including Melissa Lyttle of the National Press Photographers Association, Alison Zavos of Feature Shoot, Clinton Cargill of Bloomberg Businessweek, Brian Cason of Moment, and Kari Anderson of Glasshouse Assignment, helped select photographers who applied for The List back in Fall 2017. Their decisions were based on three pieces of criteria: a superior portfolio, excellent photography, and a convincing pitch to potential clients.

© James Ransom, Finalist: Food category

Connecting Photographers to Forward-Thinking Brands

We believe that photographers and brands should work hand-in-hand to tell important and inspiring stories. That’s why we’ll be connecting winners of The List with the 700+ innovative brand storytellers in our Libris community, including thousands of creative directors, marketers and social media managers.

© Meagan Larsen, Finalist: Architecture/Interior category

These creatives and marketers will receive an in-depth lookbook featuring all 90 finalists and a snapshot of their work. It’s our hope that brands will be as in awe as we are, and connect with PhotoShelter photographers directly.

All photographers will also be featured on PhotoShelter’s Instagram account throughout 2018 — just another way for you to get inspired by their work.

Congrats to all the finalists. We can’t wait to see what story you’ll tell next.

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  1. Steven Long at 1:53 pm

    As a Photoshelter user I am getting the idea that I am now paying you to tell my potential clients who is better than me … ? Not that these are all wonderful photographers you have listed but I thought you were a fair arbiter of services not a rater of talent.

    • Jim Wehtje at 5:07 pm

      Yeah, and the PhotoShelter home page is still primarily a call for more photographers to sign up, rather than a search page promoting the content and talent already there. That home page was confusing and then humorous to one of my potential clients who questioned the seriousness of PS. That home page screams to me that PhotoShelter’s top priority is not selling our work. Wouldn’t PhotoShelter want to (eventually) be a top place where content licensors come to search for images/photographers from a home search page in addition to coming in from direct internet links to various content inside?

      Jim Wehtje

  2. Erika at 9:56 am

    Hey guys, I do think it’s great that you’re making an effort to promote Photoshelter photographers, with lots of obvious talent here. Congratulations to all the photographers who were selected, and I look forward to submitting next year. However, all your photographers that are not on the list (for whatever reason, including people who simply didn’t apply, like me) are still paying customers and as such, I think I can safely say that we would all be stoked to get some promotion too. I’ve maintained two websites with you for years, and if you could see fit to at least include the rest of us on your social media once in a while that would be much appreciated.

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