PhotoShelter’s Student Handbook: What You Didn’t Learn in School About the Photo Biz

PhotoShelter’s Student Handbook: What You Didn’t Learn in School About the Photo Biz

By design, many college and university photography programs focus on theory, technique and critical thinking skills. Students emerge from school with a solid understanding of photography as a creative and storytelling medium, but many lack exposure to practical business skills that allow them to immediately turn their skills into a sustainable profession.

And now that you’re done filing your taxes (right?), it’s a great time to reassess your business and marketing plans for the rest of the year.

We designed PhotoShelter’s Student Handbook to bridge the gap for students, recent graduates, and young professionals who might need some business guidance to nudge them towards a more profitable career. The guide is a starting point for exploring different facets of the business of photography, and we hope that you also take advantage of the myriad of resources that are available including:

PhotoShelter's Student Handbook: What You Didn't Learn in School About Your Photo Business

  • Membership in trade associations like the NPPA and ASMP
  • Online Facebook groups where you can discuss pricing and business scenarios with experienced photographers
  • Books like John Harrington’s excellent Best Business Practices for Photographers
  • Podcasts like “Beyond Technique” that explore the business side of photography

We’re also thrilled to have the support of our guide partners: Sigma Corporation of America, CreativeLive and LensProToGo – all of whom believe in the power and potential of students and emerging photographers. Plus, there’s some pretty sweet student discounts, too.

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