Pro Tips: What it Takes to Publish a Personal Photo Project

Pro Tips: What it Takes to Publish a Personal Photo Project

In honor of World Photo Day, we asked editorial and commercial photographers Emanuel Hahn and Andrew Kung to share the story behind their audiovisual storytelling piece, The Mississippi Delta Chinese. Emanuel and Andrew recently stopped by our office to speak at one of our Third Thursdays* events, and we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get all their pro tips on camera. Watch the video for the story behind their project, what they learned along the way, plus advice on pitching to photo editors and getting published (in The New York Times!).


Want to learn more about this project? Check out Emanuel’s article on what it took to produce The Mississippi Delta Chinese from start to finish.

*Third Thursdays is a panel series we host at our office every quarter, where we welcome photographers and industry experts who share insights on everything from pricing to marketing to what buyers want from photographers. If you’re based in NYC and would like to be added to our Third Thursdays list, email

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  1. Andy Barnham at 4:13 pm

    Really interested in this as I’m starting my own photo project. How was the project funded? Was there a bigger aim than the project itself ie; to be commissioned to shoot similar projects for paying clients? Why wait until shooting was done before pitching to media?

    Lastly; love the project as I’m half Chinese myself and feel Chinese influence in American history is often overlooked and neglected.

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