Announcing #shotoftheyear:  a Celebration of Our Members’ Favorite Snaps from 2018

Announcing #shotoftheyear: a Celebration of Our Members’ Favorite Snaps from 2018

2018 has had no shortage of photo-worthy moments. This year we wanted to celebrate our members with something a little different, so we asked them to submit their favorite images from the last 12 months. The results offered a look inside everyone’s unique perspectives on 2018, from photographing the California wildfires to snapping portraits of students at Stoneman Douglas High School and trips to the North Pole. The diversity of talent, style, and subject matter are incredible and a true testament to the universal appeal of photography as a medium.

As part of the celebration, we’re posting an image a day on our Instagram for all of December to share some of our favorites.

A round-up of our first week is below.

Feature image by Scott Strazzante. 

December 1

With an affinity for street and travel photography, Essdras M Suarez lives by the phrase “Look at the world through the eyes of others and you’ll understand where they’re coming from.”

Locals stop and enjoy an awe-inspiring sunset in Reykjavik near the Viking long-ship sculpture titled the ‘Solfar,’ or ‘Sun Voyager,’ created by Icelandic sculptor Jon Gunnar Arnason. (Photo by Essdras M Suarez)

Instagram: essdrasmsuarez


December 2

Nick Hodgson is a fine art photographer based in London. He mainly concentrates on landscapes and gardens.

Dunes in Sea Mist, Sossusvlei. (Photo by Nick Hodgson)

Instagram: nickhodgson13


December 3

A masterful storyteller, Ruben Vicente is a freelance photographer from Lisbon, Portugal.

São Miguel, Açores, Portugal – 27 April 2018: Edge of Sete Cidades caldera as seen from the cliff top. (Photo by Ruben Vicente)

Instagram: rubenvicentephoto


December 4

A consistent contributor to The Food Network Canada website, Darina Kopčok is a freelance food and lifestyle photographer based in Vancouver, Canada.

Overhead shot of pink peonies. (Photo by Darina Kopčok)

Instagram: gastrostoria


December 5

Mike Radigan is a photographer, web developer, and content developer.

The Hair Cut. My daughter learning hair takes time to grow back. No princess braids for a while. (Photo by Mike Radigan)

Instagram: mike_radigan


December 6

Based near the small town of Loxton, South Africa, Bertus Hanekom is a landscape photographer with a fondness for long exposures and the ocean.

Table Mountain in the distance, seen from the rocks on Blouberg Beach. (Photo by Bertus Hanekom)

Instagram: buks_84


December 7

Dublin based freelance photojournalist Paulo Nunes dos Santos reports and covers armed conflict, humanitarian crisis, political instability, and social issues worldwide.

A catholic priest attempts to cover his face during an anti-abortion rally throughout Dublin City centre, on March 10, 2018. (Photo by Paulo Nunes dos Santos)

Instagram: pdossantos


December 8

Outdoor, adventure, lifestyle, travel, and portrait photographer Louis Arevalo is based in Salt Lake City and says that sharing stories is his way of paying tribute to time spent outside.

Burnie Glacier nighttime magic, Howson Range, British Columbia. (Photo by Louis Arevalo)

Instagram: louisarevalo


We also inquired about everyone’s biggest accomplishments of the year. Here’s what some of them said — 

“Staying in business after two years of forest fires affecting the region where I live and work!” – Michael Bednar

“Watching a high school photography student do a presentation on me at a local Houston high school. Their teacher prompted them to do a study and presentation on any professional photographer’s work and out of everyone, this kid picked me. Definitely a highlight!” – Todd Spoth

“I have grown my business, landing multiple new clients while retaining most repeating clients.” – James Kegley

“Ascending Mont Blanc.” – Chris Lusher

In addition to this first week and the other photographers we’ll be sharing on Instagram throughout December, we’ve created a master website with all of our favorite contributions. We could not be more proud to showcase our members’ passion for their work and craft.

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