2018 Blog Roundup

2018 Blog Roundup

In 2018 we published over 100 blog posts on a myriad of topics. We shared stellar insights from countless visual storytellers, outlined photo business tips and how-to’s, unpacked how social media is changing the industry, and offered a glimpse inside some noteworthy events. When we look back, all of this (and a few opinions mixed in) made for quite the year.

In case you missed them, here are some of our favorite posts:

Feature Image by Russ Bishop

Photo by Matt Baldelli

Announcing The List: The Top Photographers on PhotoShelter

We assembled an incredible list of some of the top photographers on PhotoShelter. It’s our way of recognizing visual storytellers producing exceptional work, with no signs of stopping. Take a look at all the categories for inspiration and tips.

Photo by Ronaldo Schemidt/Agence France-Presse

Do Photojournalism Contests Glamorize Pain and Suffering?

It’s time to take a look at whether recent trends in photojournalism are romanticizing some of the world’s most devastating realities. How do we acknowledge this issue and move forward in one of the industry’s most widely-circulated genres?

17 Best Podcasts for Photographers

It’s no surprise that the photo industry caught on to the podcast trend. Browse our list of the 17 podcasts we think you should give a listen to. They span everything from gear to business tips and more.


The Moving Portrait: From Holograms to GIFs to Boomerang

Is it a video or a photo? The inclusion of motion can really up the ante when it comes to portraits and the media has taken note.

Image by Jorge Gamboa/National Geographic

National Geographic Used a “Stock” Image and It’s Amazing

As we confront the enormous environmental and health cost around single-use plastic, National Geographic found the perfect image. Stock or not, the image created by Jorge Gamboa couldn’t have been more apropos for one of the most important issues of our time.

Photo by Todd Owyoung

5 Common Copyright Misconceptions Held by Photographers

A photographer’s copyright is one of the best defenses out there, so it’s important to handle correctly. Plus, did you know Google Images now displays copyright info?

Photo by Allen Murabayashi

Social Media is Ruining Photography

Does social media help or hurt professional photographers? There’s plenty to unpack on both sides of the debate, including a fear of visual sameness, environmental degradation, and more.

Photo by Zac Santanello

Highlights from Photoville 2018

We celebrated our sixth year at Photoville, which remains one of our favorite events. PhotoShelter hosted a series of panel discussions covering everything from how to impress photo editors to the importance of archiving, and more. Plus, get inspired with tips on what it takes to publish a photo project.

Photo by Mussa Uwitonze

Rwanda’s “Camera Kids” Became Professional Photographers and You Can Help

We’ll admit to being a bit skeptical of crowdfunding camera gear and vanity projects, but we have a soft spot for community building and social change. This project fulfills both criteria and is worth checking out.

The 2019 Photographer’s Guide to Photo Contests     

There’s a reason we produce this guide year after year. Our latest guide breaks down the deadlines, prizes, and specifics of 28 contests. It also includes some insights from judges and tips on how to stand out.

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