A New Chapter for PhotoShelter, Thanks to You

A New Chapter for PhotoShelter, Thanks to You

On March 1st we celebrated our company’s 14th birthday. In nearly a decade and a half, we’ve had the privilege of supporting and empowering the world’s top photographers with tools built to optimize the most critical of workflows, from upload to client delivery. Beyond just tools, we’ve crafted this company from the heart in an effort to help independent photographers achieve success. We believe our responsibility to the community is to be equal parts innovator and educator. Now, we’re starting another exciting new chapter – because we have so much more we want to build for you.

I’m thrilled to announce that we’ve received funding from Level Structured Capital – which means great things for our products and members. With access to $8 million in new capital, we’ll be able to move faster in pursuit of our mission, and grow the foundation of the PhotoShelter product you all have used for so long. This will allow us to accelerate hiring with a focus on expanding our talented team of software engineers so we have more of the right people to build on our vision and deliver upgrades more rapidly. This will include new website designs, mobile workflow and streamlined client collaboration features. And, we’ll be moving into a new 23,000 square foot office in Manhattan’s Financial District to fit our growing team.

We’re celebrating this big milestone with everyone who’s been a part of this company for the past 14 years. From our founders to our team members (past and present) to our photographers and members, we’re grateful for all of the incredibly talented creative people who have inspired us and helped us build what we have today.

In true form, we thought we’d share a look back at some photos we took along the way. As you scroll through, you’ll see our first office (complete with a couple of box desks), events where we’ve had the chance to see our members and clients face-to-face, and team photos of the people who’ve made this place so special.

It’s so exciting to think of today’s PhotoShelter as simply a foundation. We can’t wait to make new tools, – and more photos – with all of you.

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  1. Louis at 3:57 pm

    With all the money and resources coming, I certainly hope that there are new, modern custom site designs coming. I’m at the limit of updating my site that still looks like it’s from 1999.

  2. Anthony Bliss at 9:25 am

    Congratulations ! (we’re 15 years old this year too), and it’s great to see you delivering and growing – long may this continue and thank you for working with us for these past three years !
    We look forwards to see the creativity and ever ongoing improvements in the future !

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