Instagram Hashtags for Landscape Photographers

Instagram Hashtags for Landscape Photographers

Landscape photography may not be the first niche that comes to mind when you think of photos on Instagram, but the vast array of styles, subtypes and endless options for locations make it a hugely popular genre. There’s an undeniable sense of adventure and wonder about landscape photography that attracts even the non-professional, and almost everyone has posted a beach sunset or mountain view at some point. But how do you, as a professional, sift through it all, and how do you stand out on Instagram?

Whether you are looking for inspiration, or outlets to share your work with more people, we’ve got you covered. In partnership with Feature Shoot, we compiled a list of the best hashtags to use. The hashtags are divided into two groups: searchable and submittable. Tagging your image with a searchable hashtag allows scrollers to find it by filtering through the search bar. Tagging your image with a submittable hashtag, however, means that you’re submitting your work to a feature page for consideration, and the account editors may decide to publish it on their feed.

If you see any we missed, share in the comments.

This is part of our latest guide, The 2019 Photographer’s Guide to Instagram Hashtags. Check out the full guide here, including hashtags for fine art, street, portrait, and more.

Feature photo by Maria Sahai (@mariasahai).

Landscape searchable

#landscape The most simple hashtag to accompany a photograph of a landscape.

#landscapephotography Another straightforward hashtag to indicate the specialty.

#landscapecaptures Use this popular hashtag to have your work seen by fellow landscape photographers/enthusiasts.

#liveoutdoors Use this hashtag if your photograph was taken in the wilderness, in a national park, mountain range, or by the sea—not to be used with urban landscape captures.

#landscape_lovers An extremely popular hashtag used to show enthusiasm toward landscapes and landscape photography.

#landscape_hunter The landscapes under this hashtag tend to be quieter and more elusive—the discoveries photographers make on long walks through the wilderness.

#landscape_specialist Whether your landscape photograph captures the great outdoors, includes traces of man’s presence, or focuses on an urban area, use this for your postcard perfect images.

#sunsetonthebeach Does your landscape picture capture something specific like a sunset on the beach? Tell people and it will be easier to filter your photo from the crowds. This is a particularly common shot.

#mountainscape Another popular shot and hashtag to be used with landscape captures of mountains.

Landscape submittable

Submissions: #landscape_captures
Followers: 60k
Posts with this hashtag: 7,691,701
“A wise friend once told me that everything has already been photographed, so I look for the one that sets them apart,” writes moderator Pamela DuMarc. “It has to draw attention not just by the flashy colors of sunsets and sunrises. I also prefer seeing a more natural color rather than a super edited representation of the natural landscape.”

Submissions: #sunset_vision
Followers: 220k
Posts with this hashtag: 1,872,183
Sharp, professional images that go beyond the usual sunset captures, and instead exploit the light in these twilight hours to create visually interesting, altered landscapes.

Submissions: #way2ill
Followers: 307k
Posts with this hashtag: 11,308,946
“We feature different types of photos, including landscapes and streetscapes,” writes curator Eric Do. “Photos that do well tend to show a location in a new way. This can be the framing, the lighting, the edit, etc. Dark edits do well for urban shots, and brighter edits do well for nature shots.”

Submissions: #urbanromantix
Followers: 110k
Posts with this hashtag: 4,113,377
This feature page selects a variety of images captured in the setting of modern downtowns and more historical old towns around the world. People, lines, and bold structures appear frequently.

Submissions: #guardiancities
Followers: 86.4k
Posts with this hashtag: 1,089,60
An official feature page from The Guardian featuring the best urban photographs, including street, cityscapes, and architecture. Images may include people, and it’s important to hashtag the location of where your photograph was taken.

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