What Do You Look for in a Photography Workshop?

What Do You Look for in a Photography Workshop?

There are thousands of photography workshops to teach specific techniques and/or inspire attendees from amateurs to full-time pros. In this episode of Vision Slightly Blurred, Sarah and Allen talk about workshop disasters, evaluating workshops, and whether pros should consider alternate events like a portfolio review to further their careers.

We mention the following photographers, articles, and websites in this episode:

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Allen Murabayashi and Sarah Jacobs are your hosts for PhotoShelter’s Vision Slightly Blurred podcast.
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Allen Murabayashi is the Chairman and co-founder of PhotoShelter.

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  1. Jon Miller at 12:41 pm

    Hi Allen and Sarah,
    I attended my first workshop back in 2010 with a photographer who work I really respected. It cost me a total of $AU8,000 to fly from Perth Australia to Tuscany, Italy. It was the best workshop I had attended as the instructor took the time to evaluate each photographer attending and watched and made suggestions to help improve your skills. He also had daily quick tasks for us to do and if we did not accomplish the task to his standard we would have to repeat it before moving on.
    Even the models he hired were high quality and easy to work with plus gave us feedback on how we worked with them, I learned something new although I had been a commercial freelance photographer for 20 years.
    Now, on the other side of the scale a friend of mine told me about a workshop they attended where the instructor got all the students in the studio and said “here are the triggers, take turn” and then he left to return at the end of the day. Sometimes you have to spend a bit more to get a good workshop. In the end you get what you pay for.

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