Introducing the FileFlow App: Search, Download and Share Photos Instantly

Introducing the FileFlow App: Search, Download and Share Photos Instantly

It’s time to take mobile delivery to the next level — and give your clients what they’ve been asking for. 

Introducing FileFlow, a new PhotoShelter app for Android, iPad and iPhone that lets you and your clients search, download and share photos instantly.

With FileFlow, you and your clients can: 

  • Access and browse invited content
  • Easily search across galleries and collections 
  • Download files in batch (original file type and size, or JPEG selection) 
  • Quickly share photos via text, email, social media and more 

FileFlow gives you mobile access to your work, and gives your clients mobile access to the work you deliver. It’s a sleek, simple app both you and your clients can use to find, download and share high-res files on the fly. Getting images onto a mobile device was our main objective for this release, but it doesn’t end there.

Future versions of the FileFlow app will allow you to upload, set permissions, Quick Send files and more (see below for more of what’s to come). Eventually, the plan is for this app to replace the existing PhotoShelter mobile app, so you – and your clients – can have everything you need in one seamless solution.

FileFlow was developed as a direct result of client feedback and has been tested by hundreds of photographers and their clients over the past four months. Now, it’s your turn.

Are you ready to see how FileFlow will streamline mobile delivery for you and your clients? Download FileFlow today from Google Play or the App Store today.

Head to our Support Center to learn more, or email with questions or feedback. We can’t wait to see how you and your clients use FileFlow. 

**What’s in store for the future of FileFlow? **

In upcoming versions, you’ll be able to:

  • Upload files
  • Set permissions, Quick Send images and take other actions you would take on your desktop
  • Let clients view and download password-protected content
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Caitlyn Edwards is the Senior Customer Marketing Manager at PhotoShelter. Passionate about visual storytelling and ethics, she covers photo news, events and offers educational tips.

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    • Caitlyn Edwards Author at 12:25 pm

      That’s the goal! Our plan is to eventually replace the current legacy PhotoShelter app with admin functionality like you’re describing here. Feel free to email our Technical Support team with what you’d like to see added. (Email them at

      • Ari Rossner at 6:02 am

        Hi Caitlyn,
        A good example of what we would like Photoshelter to behave like when sending selections to our clients is the Lightroom online libraries:
        Ability to show a full screen image and a “+” to zoom-in.
        Ability to add comments.
        Ability to download the images from the same page and not having to switch from the Client Proofing page to the download page.
        Ability to choose the presentation (black or white background) simple layout with or without details.
        Video integrated !
        Thank you 🙂

        Sending a copy to @support as well

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    • Caitlyn Edwards Author at 10:36 am

      Hey Dominik, the time has come! We’re currently looking for beta testers for the Android version of FileFlow. If you’re interested in beta testing, please email our support team at and we’ll send over instructions!

      • Marco Secchi at 3:07 pm

        August 21st “the Android version is already under development and will be released soon.”
        September 24 th “our beta testing is starting for the Android version”
        October 27th ….where are we?? 🙂

        • Caitlyn Edwards Author at 11:50 am

          Hey Marco, they’re finalizing the beta version as we speak. I also just checked with our support team and confirmed you’re on our list for beta testing. Once the tests on our end are finalized we should be reaching out about instructions for the beta!

        • Rachel Reiss at 5:02 pm

          Hey Marco,

          You may have already heard the news, but I wanted to let you know FileFlow for Android is now available! You can check it out here:

          We hope you and your clients enjoy using the app.


    • Rachel Reiss at 5:01 pm

      Hi Dominik,

      FileFlow for Android is now available! You can check it out here:

      We hope you and your clients enjoy using the app.


  6. Eric at 5:30 pm

    Nice addition, is this also setting the stage for the other discussed service-wide updates mentioned in March after the funding news? Been a customer for over a decade and the site and service have felt significantly dated for a long time now. This is a welcome update but I hope it’s only the start of a large site-wide overhaul that is long overdue and teased over 6 months ago now. Looking forward to what comes next…

    • Grover Sanschagrin at 5:57 pm

      Hi Eric. This is indeed the start of a continued set of improvements for PhotoShelter. We are growing a team that is 100% dedicated to non-Libris upgrades and new feature development. We will be publishing a roadmap shortly, so you will know what’s coming, and when.

      • Eric at 6:07 pm

        Thanks Grover, looking forward to what the roadmap entails. If you end up doing any type of beta testing or early preview shoot me a message – eric [at] – excited to see the next iteration of the service.

  7. Barton at 8:34 pm

    Great, but what about updating the proofing gallery and other things I have emailed support about many times (and this is going back years now)? I still have problems with low resolution display of my high res pano photos and have been using Pixieset instead. As far as I know my clients still need to create an account with Photoshelter to use the proofing service (and they won’t hence I use Pixieset).

    All these other services are great, but how about some updates to the web templates finally.

    Nice to hear about a set of improvements but I’d like to see some concrete evidence. I’d be much happier if I didn’t have to pay for Pixieset and Dropbox too just to do stuff I should be able to do in Photoshelter. Making file delivery more streamlined through the website would be better before creating a mobile app that I don’t really need.

    • Grover Sanschagrin at 8:25 am

      Hi Barton. We have a long list of improvements planned, starting with the issues that impact the most people, and, as I said above, we will be releasing the roadmap soon. Our hope is that by being transparent about our plans and decision processes, combined with a steady stream of improvements, you will have all the evidence that you need.

      • Barton at 6:14 pm

        Thanks. Transparency is the key: if I can see what I need is coming I will be more likely to stop looking around for other solutions.

  8. Olav at 1:30 am

    Why iOS?
    Almost 74% of all phones are Android while only 22% is iOS. It was several years since Apple was the most commonly used brand when it comes to graphics. Wake up…

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  10. mark at 1:03 pm

    Looks good so far! Is there a way to invite people to the app like when inviting clients via the site?

    also would be great to be able to customize the icon like Pixieset and others allow you to do

    • Caitlyn Edwards Author at 11:10 am

      You should be able to add a link in there about the app when you’re inviting clients. I recommend making a template to do that!

      • mark at 1:12 pm

        It would be nice if there’s a box to check that allows users to just add the link within the invite. Do clients have to have an account in order for it to work?

        • Caitlyn Edwards Author at 2:25 pm

          That’s right, Mark. Right now we do need your clients to have a free account with us in order to verify their invite and for them to use FileFlow.

  11. Tal Flint at 4:19 am

    That’s really nice, but we’ve been waiting for years for much needed updates, like more templates and especially the proofing gallery that’s almost unusable as it is.
    For the past few years I kept getting the “ working on it, we’ll have news soon” answer, but nothing was done.

      • Eric at 6:15 pm

        This app at first glance seemed like a welcome solution as a new app, but I have to say I’m really disappointed it is just more on the same island, gotta go through a ton of steps to get this to work for a client.

        I feel like in my decade as a client of Photoshelter you guys have really not learned at all how to streamline file delivery, even though that is supposed to be one of the main applications of your service.

        All of my clients from private to major corporations want seamless delivery and much like all the people commenting above it seems like you guys want to keep everything locked up and proprietary.

        Whenever I try to enter anyone into the Photoshelter world all they do is email me back and ask if I can send something via Dropbox or Google Drive.

        What does that say to you guys? To me, it says you’re really not hearing what people want and what their clients want.

        For a decade this company has been one-track-minded for how you think things should be versus how they actually are in the world of being a professional.

        It really feels like in order to survive for another decade you’re going to need to pay attention to what people actually need as working professionals, to listen to customers needs and actually implement the solutions we are asking for.

        All of us making these comments have had one foot out the door for a long time, what’s to make us really stop from putting the second one out the door?

        It doesn’t feel like the roadmap is going to cut it cause it feels like the roadmap is going to be filled with more of the same.

        Please implement solutions that are seamless and so easy a child can use, we need that for our diverse base of clients.

          • Reuben at 2:14 pm

            Do we have a timeline as to when the roadmap might be published? I really want to stay with Photoshelter, however I’m currently 1.5 feet out of the door and I really need to see some big improvements to make me come back into the room.

        • Jonathan at 6:25 am

          I completely agree with Eric. There are already tons of solutions offering pretty portfolio website builders. I joined PS years ago because it appeared to be more targeted at busy professionals with large stock archives and I really hope these promises of new developments will concentrate on that area. We need a seamless workflow that allows stylish presentation and flexible delivery of images to clients with solid and straightforward permissions management. It needs to be bullet proof, and super quick and easy to use otherwise, as Eric says, clients will just give up and request Dropbox or WeTransfer.

      • Matthew Andrews at 1:47 pm

        Thank you Caitlyn. Please could you provide a direct link which will take my clients to an account set up page. Not the pay for type account I have, the account they need to create to retrieve files. Many thanks, Matthew

  12. Deirdre A Ryan at 1:38 pm

    I wish that this app could be more customized towards the clients, like Shootproof offers. EXCEPT, Shootproof doesn’t let the clients download the images from the ap(strange I know right?). Check out what they’re doing and implement that into this for our workflow.

  13. Ian Murray at 2:00 pm

    You need to sort out SEO. It doesn’t work at all. Google simply does not fins Photoshelter images. It used to, now it doesn’t.

    I suggest you sort out the basics first before developing more add-ons.

  14. David at 12:29 pm

    Many thanks Caitlyn – this is an awesome development for us and have had some extremely positive feedback from our clients. One additional piece of functionality would be an absolute godsend for us and the way we work with out clients. Is there an email address where I can send this request, just to see if it’s at all possible to add this into a future release?


  15. Marco Secchi at 2:53 am

    ….but despite several promises and a October 19 Roadmap promising the Android for December …we are now in February and still not in sight! ;-( incredible and unrealistic to believe that your customers are apple users!

    • Grover Sanschagrin at 10:11 am

      Hi Marco.

      The overwhelming majority of our users are iPhone users. Believe it or not, Android users are in the minority.

      I realize that we missed the deadline for release of the app, but it has been completed and is currently finishing a lengthy QA period. It will be available for public beta soon (potentially next week.)

      Android development is more challenging than iOS because there are many different versions of Android, many different types of phones, and a lot of extra testing that must be done. iPhone apps are always faster and easier to build.

      Thanks for your patience and understanding. The last thing we want to do is put an app in your hands that hasn’t been thoroughly tested.

  16. Elena at 10:30 am

    This is too complex for clients to use they give up.

    Please give my clients their own page link with ONLY info relevant to them not forcing them to dig through all the info for the photographer. Please give them a direct link to the photosehelter account create function not a link to the back page you have for photographers which is chock full of unrelated and confusing info. Or just let them sign into the app with their password that would work better. Please give us a pdf or an internal way to email them all the relevant info and links. Help us please my clients use their phones more than a desktop-some don’t even have a desktop.

  17. Deirdre A Ryan at 11:43 am

    I have the same issues as well. I have clients that prefer me to just use Google Drive or WeTransfer. There’s too much confusion for my clients and frankly, they get really upset with ME. And that makes me having to stop what I’m doing, and find a better solution that makes everyone happy. Like I mentioned earlier, my clients love the Shootproof process, however, for so weird reason, they cannot download their images view the app. I’m frustrated as well.

    Why can’t a photo website company listen to us and what our clients need and implement it? Rock-solid storage, easy to navigate galleries, blogging, CRM, invoicing, emailing, email newsletters, and an easy way or app that allows clients to download what they need onto their mobile devices?

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