Come Meet Us at Photoville 2019!

Come Meet Us at Photoville 2019!

The act of taking a photo requires us to leave the confines of our desk, and venture out – often for hours on end – to find that perfect instant where light intersects moment. Yet we too often retreat back to the glow of our computers or cellphones to view photography. And a 5” screen never does a photo justice. 

Truth be told, the options to view large collections of photography in real life can be limited to museums or cities with a robust gallery ecosystem; destinations that can be foreboding to some. That’s why I’m so happy when Fall rolls around and we can celebrate the return of Photoville to Brooklyn Bridge Park. Now in its eighth year, Photoville features an entire photo village of shipping container exhibits to the public filled with with amazing work ranging from classic to contemporary to experimental photography. Not only is the photography inspiring and amazing, but the cityscape views (and food options) ain’t so bad either.

Sarah Jacobs poses at Photoville
“Vision Slightly Blurred” co-host Sarah Jacobs poses for a portrait at Photoville.

There are far too many exhibits to cover in a single blog post, but I’m definitely excited to see: 

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that Sarah Jacobs and I will be live taping some interviews for our podcast “Vision Slightly Blurred,” which you’ll be able to hear in the upcoming weeks. Of course, you ought to be subscribing to get the latest episodes!

Also, be sure to stop by our container #PSyougotthis where you’ll find us showcasing incredible PhotoShelter member photography with an interactive display of advice for emerging artists. Featuring photos from: 

What’s your best motivational advice for photographers? Stop on by our container at Photoville and tell us, or comment below. 

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