Friday Inspiration: Photos That Showcase the Power of the Elements

Friday Inspiration: Photos That Showcase the Power of the Elements

This week, parts of the world burned, froze, erupted, warmed, flooded, you name it. One thing is clear: Mother Nature is not to be messed with in 2020. To celebrate her power (and the power of photographic technology and/or a perfectly timed shutter) we’re rounding up six images that stopped our scroll on Instagram this week. 

No matter your weather preferences, these photos perfectly capture the impact of Mother Nature’s power and check our egos a bit in the process. 

Matthew Abbott

Jes Aznar

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Birds. Volcano. 20200113 #strangefruitph

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Keiko Kosaka

Chris Davis

Peter Adreani

Eloisa Lopez

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We’re sticking with the theme and featured a striking image from Hokkaido by long-exposure enthusiast Ulana Switucha on our feed this week.  

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Originally from Canada, Ulana Switucha has traveled and photographed Asia for over 30 years. She is inspired by light, shape and tone and is drawn by the clarity and awareness of creating an image. Through the exploration of long exposure photography there is an evolving minimalist style and peacefulness in her recent work. . “This torii gate is my favourite location in #Hokkaido and a good subject for long exposure photography. On this day the cold grey sky allowed the red of the gate to really stand out, but I have also been to this location when the conditions were not as agreeable… I have been working on a photographic series of Japanese #torii gates and wedded rocks for several years.” – Ulana Switucha

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