Friday Inspiration: A Love Letter To Women Photographers

Friday Inspiration: A Love Letter To Women Photographers

Dear Readers, 

Happy Valentine’s Day. Today you will be inundated with fabulous flowers, chocolate candies and the color pink. Your newsfeeds will feature smiling couples sharing sweet memories and, inevitably, that one person devoted to reminding the world that we’re all just feeding the capitalist monster with our public displays of affection. Love is a beautiful thing, we admit it! Our greatest love here at PhotoShelter? Well, of course, photography. 

But we’d like to be more specific for a moment… 

As a wise woman once said, “Who run the world? Girls.” Women photographers continue to take the industry by storm and I, for one, am smiling from ear to ear thinking of their successes and command over their craft in recent years. These women are remarkable photojournalists in conflict zones, talented portrait photographers documenting the sweet subtleties of their models, on the fields and courts of professional sports games and everywhere in between. They have no one photographic specialty and vary in age, race and artistic background. There are countless organizations devoted to elevating the voices of women and gender non-conforming photographers that do honorable work and they also deserve a little love today (and every day). Yet when it comes to the photography we see in papers, magazines, online publications and galleries, male photographers continue to be more prominently featured.

So let’s all take a moment to appreciate the strength and skill of six incredible women photographers. These shoutouts truly could go on forever and we’d love to keep the appreciation going in the comments below. 

(That wise woman mentioned above is Beyoncé, for anyone wondering.)

Britnee Alphin

Lọlá Ákínmádé Åkerström

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Dedicating this week to #Ghana 🇬🇭 LINK IN PROFILE ===================================== It was on a @tstmkrsafrica “Art Meets Fashion” tour that I met my vibrant guide Sharifah Issaka, who was wearing a billowing hand-dyed batik robe. Issaka is one of three sisters behind family-run (which means “go home” in Twi and is pronounced koh-fee-ay), a design house offering contemporary African homeware and lifestyle products. A foray into Jamestown and the La district brought us to the studio of artist, performer and sculptor Serge “Attukwei” Clottey, @afrogallonism best known for his groundbreaking installation called “Afrogallonism.” He explores the relationship between yellow plastic jerry cans used for moving petrol, then subsequently water, and their environmental impact on local residents over time.

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Idara Ekpoh

 Sarah Jean-Louis

Esther Mbabazi

Jess Ballerstein

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This week we’re featuring PhotoShelter member Sage Causie, a talented fashion and portrait photographer based in California.

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