Friday Inspiration: Photographing Furry Friends

Friday Inspiration: Photographing Furry Friends

Animals on the internet have become household names: Doug The Pug, Lil bub, Boo the pomeranian, Grumpy Cat, Marnie The Dog, Hamilton The Hipster Cat, the list goes on and on. They have verified Instagram accounts with millions of followers, personal websites, branded merchandise and even endorsement deals. Along with the animal celebrity/pet influencer trend we’ve seen an uptick in everyday animals getting their own Instagram accounts. Simultaneously, we’ve also encountered animal lovers honing in on their pet portrait skills to keep up, gain followers and, ideally, discover clients willing to shell out for portraits of their own four-legged friends.

Below we’re rounding up six photographers who impressed us with their talents. Capturing everything from sweet moments between family pets to more formal studio portraits, these photographers are also exploring new angles and approaches to get their subjects’ buy-in. Like other specialties in photography, pet photographers have range and distinct styles that should be celebrated and encouraged.

Micael Norberg

Cat Race

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If Cerberus is the guardian of the underworld then this spotty giant must be the keeper to heavens door. 👼 Ok so in reality this bundle of fluff may not be a mythical creature, but Max Ollie and Rosie certainly brought a touch of magic to my day. Those of you who know me are probably aware of my obsession with spots and how crazy spotty dogs send me, so you can imagine my ebullience when presented with this divine abundance of dots. Is it just me or do you have a thing for a specific canine feature too? Maybe it’s pointy ears or curly tails…tell me what sends you completely dotty! 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 . . . #dalmatianspots #spottydog #dalmatiansofinstagram #dalmata #dalmatiannation #dalmatiner #dalmatianlovers #dalmatian #dalmatians #dalmatiner #dalmatianlovers #dalmatiannation #dalmatianlove #dalmatian_shoutout #dalmatiandog #dalmatianclub #dalmatianlife #albertdocksliverpool #dalmatianadoreable #dalmatianoftheday #dalmatianspotlight #dals #dogphotographyobsession #hairofthedogblog #petphotographersclub #wideanglephotography #dottyaboutdogs #thestatelyhound #fotografi #dogphotographer #professionaldogphotographer #dalmatians #dalmation #dalmatianpics

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Kristen Murray

Martha Lily

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“Martha exceeded my expectations. I knew she was an amazing photographer, but you appreciate it even more when it’s your own horses. I can’t not recommend her enough, she’s friendly, helpful, and very professional. She knows what will work and look good in a photo. I can’t stop saying thank you! She’s just a naturally talented photographer.”⁠⠀ Tia Hulse.⁠⠀Thankyou so much for this Tia.⁠ I have a dark room day at @actonhallec on the 21st March if anyone is interested please contact them x ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ #photographertestimonial #testimonial #photographyreview #lovelycustomers #bestclients #coolclients #grateful #gratitudejournal #equinephotographer #horsephotographer #photography #horsephotography #horsemad #horseportrait #horseaddict #equinephotography #blackbeauty #blackhorse #beautifulblackhorse #blackandwhite #equine #equestrian #horsesofinstagram #poniesofinstagram #horsenation #shropshire #llangollen #friyay #fridayflow #equineartist

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Josh Fenn

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Target spotted 😼🔴

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Marius Müller

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This week we’re sharing an image from Ruth Coffey that’s a bit less furry and cute, but instead explores the magic in unplanned animal interactions.

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“Unexpected Encounters is a photo that I always have great conversations about – everyone sees something different happening between the grasshopper and the ladybug. . Along a walk in a park in Colorado, I came across the grasshopper sitting on some fencing around a tree. As I was finding the right angle to capture it, the ladybug started walking along the fence towards the grasshopper. I was amazed that the grasshopper seemed entirely unconcerned that the ladybug approached and then started to climb right up and over the head of the grasshopper. . I’ve got a whole series of photos showing the progression, but this one is my favorites because the mystery of what will happen is the focus.” – Ruth Coffey (@vivid.explorer)

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