Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources for Photographers (UPDATED 4/7/20)

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources for Photographers (UPDATED 4/7/20)

As the threat of coronavirus spreads around the world, photographers are grappling with the potential for severe economic impact on their livelihood. Although a prolonged outbreak will require significant federal intervention, a number of groups have already started to provide useful information or financial support for freelancers. We’ve compiled the following list of resources for photographers that we’ll continue to update.

The newest items appear at the top of each section.

Articles on COVID-19 and Photographers

Photo Trade Organization Info

Technology, Distance Learning, etc

Artist Assistance Lists

Economic Relief Plan, Small Business, Freelancers & Banking Support

Grants & Crowdfunding Initiatives

Health and Wellness

Inspiration & Distraction

In this week’s episode of the PhotoShelter podcast “Vision Slightly Blurred,” @sarahjake and @allen3m discuss the virus’ impact on freelance photographers, how photo editors can support photographers during this time, and how the media is using photography to document the outbreak.

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