New Guide! 22 Photo Projects You Can Do Inside Your Home

New Guide! 22 Photo Projects You Can Do Inside Your Home

For photographers who find inspiration and motivation in the outside world, our current circumstances can pose a particular challenge. But there are ways to cope and stay adventurous with your photography to keep those creative juices flowing.

We’ve partnered with Feature Shoot to bring you 22 Photo Projects You Can Do Inside Your Home, a curated list of photography projects to keep you feeling creative and inspired from the safety and comfort of your personal space.

Projects include:

  • The Background Experiment
  • John Baldessari’s Assignment #96
  • The Drop Art Challenge
  • The Anonymous Project
  • The “Dream Photo” List & more! 

22 Photo Projects You Can Do Inside Your Home will encourage you to push through your comfort zone, spark your imagination, and most importantly, keep shooting. 

Download your free guide today and follow us @photoshelter on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, where we’ll be hosting photo challenges from the list. We can’t wait to see which projects you’re making the most of at home.

Note: At the time of this guide’s publication, COVID-19 has been classified as a worldwide pandemic by the World Health Organization. As a result, countless city, state and national governments have issued shelter-in-place orders and we urge everyone to follow them. Please note that some of these projects do involve going outside or interacting with people from far away. Should you be under a more restrictive policy we urge everyone to adhere to those orders and take part in such projects once such restrictions have been lifted.

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