Revolutionize Your Mobile Delivery Workflow: FileFlow for Android, iPad and iPhone

Revolutionize Your Mobile Delivery Workflow: FileFlow for Android, iPad and iPhone

You need easy access to your work no matter where you are – and so do your clients. Now, you can both browse, search, download and share photos from your PhotoShelter library on any device.

PhotoShelter’s FileFlow app is now available for Android, iPad and iPhone. 

Watch the video to see how easy it is to take mobile access and delivery to the next level with FileFlow:

With this app, you and your clients can: 

  • Access and browse invited content on any device
  • Easily search across galleries and collections 
  • Download files in batch (original file type and size, or JPEG selection) 
  • Quickly share photos via text, email, social media and more 

FileFlow gives you mobile access to your full PhotoShelter library. It’s a sleek, simple app you can use to find, download and share your work — from anywhere, at any time, on any device.

Where the existing PhotoShelter mobile app serves as a way to harness the power of your admin area, think of FileFlow as a quick and easy tool specifically designed for downloading images to your phone and pushing content directly to social media. (Eventually, the plan is for this app to replace the PhotoShelter mobile app, so you’ll have everything you need in one seamless solution.)

When your clients use FIleFlow, they will see only the galleries and collections you’ve delivered. They can then take the same actions you can take with the app — searching for specific photos you’ve shared with them, browsing through galleries, sharing photos to social media, and downloading high (or low) resolution files to their Android, iPhone and iPad devices. 

So far, our community loves using FileFlow for quick, easy access to their photos and a smoother, more streamlined workflow. 

“FileFlow allows us to have all of our images in the palm of our hands,” said Nicole Zaleski of RZ Creative Productions. “Regardless of where we are, we can send images to clients or grab personal work to share. We even encourage our clients to use FileFlow, so they can access and download the images we deliver instantly.”

“I’ve been using this for months now and it’s fantastic,” said Craig Mitchelldyer. “The ability to quickly search for a file and download it has saved me and my clients a ton of time. I’ve long needed a quick way to download files to my phone directly from my PhotoShelter account and now I can.”

“FileFlow has been invaluable to my workflow and made things so much easier and quicker,” said David Bergman. “After every show on tour, I upload a different set of new images to my PhotoShelter account for managers and band members. I set permissions for each folder, and I know that everyone is only getting the images that are meant for them. They have easy access to view and download photos on their phones from the road, and they can post immediately to social media. If you’re a PhotoShelter user, download the free app right now and have your clients do the same.”   

Download FileFlow today from the Google Play or the App Store and let us know what you think! Tweet @photoshelter or shoot us a note at

Not a PhotoShelter member? Get started today!

What’s in store for the future of FileFlow?

In upcoming versions, you’ll be able to:

  • Upload files
  • Set permissions, quick send files and take other actions you would take on your desktop
  • Let clients view and download password-protected content
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