Are There Enough Photos of COVID-19 Death?

Are There Enough Photos of COVID-19 Death?

Harvard professor Sarah Elizabeth Lewis raised the ire of some photojournalists by suggesting that there weren’t enough photos of COVID-19-related death to create “mental images” of the breadth of the pandemic and the wake of destruction. In this episode of Vision Slightly Blurred, Sarah Jacobs and Allen Murabayashi discuss the reactions by Gary He, Lucas Jackson and Reading the Pictures, plus a visualization of the news by Josh Begley.

But wait there’s more! Is it unethical to use a telephoto lens to portray crowds during the pandemic? Jörg Colberg reacts to a photo of nurse Colby Hutson, Caitie McCabe’s FaceTime photos, The Joys of Deleting Photos, and New York Nico’s #BestNYPhotos

We mention the following photographers, articles, and websites in this episode:

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Allen Murabayashi is the Chairman and co-founder of PhotoShelter.

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  1. Daryl L Hunter at 10:39 pm

    It all depends on if you want to keep people cowering in the basement, or whether you want to return to normal; there are both types of people. My 23 year old is so terrified be anecdotes that he doesn’t believe statistics and graphs. He is pissed off at the world for not staying in their basement for the 18 months it will take to let the virus disappear.

    While holed up he has learned to hate both democrats and because republicans because, rightfully so, it shouldn’t be political and not has become an anarchist that wants to overthrow the government. You can bet he isn’t the only one.

    No I think there has been enough anecdotal scare mongering.

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