Mastering the Self Portrait: 4 Photographers Doing It Right

Mastering the Self Portrait: 4 Photographers Doing It Right

As much of the world remains at home, photographers have been finding ways to stay creative from the safety of their own personal spaces.

In our latest guide, 22 Photo Projects You Can Do Inside Your Home, we gathered a list of the best projects you can try on your own, using minimal accessories and whatever you happen to have around the house. Some popular projects we’ve been seeing the last few months include the 30-Day Challenge, The Macro Shoot, The View From Here and The Self Portrait.

In the age of the smartphone, selfies have become ubiquitous. Self portraiture, however, has been around for centuries. 

Have you taken a self portrait recently? Are you using this time to go outside of your comfort zone to explore self portraiture for the first time? Here are some stellar examples we’ve seen on Instagram recently from talented photographers taking on the challenge.  

Cover image by Gabriele Facciotti. 

Gabriele Facciotti

“During quarantine I’ve played for the first time in my life with self portraiture. I can say that it is something amazing. What I’m finding really hard and frustrating at the moment is not having control of our work (and lives too!). With self portraiture, I’ve found a sort of “therapy,” dealing with something I can control with tools that I know how to use. It’s been a funny way to stay active and creative.”

Lucia Fainzilber

Greg Funnell

Tika Jabanashvili

Download our guide 22 Photo Projects You Can Do Inside Your Home today. Whether it’s a self portrait or another creative photo project, we want to see your work! Tag us @photoshelter on Twitter or Instagram for a chance to be featured on our blog and social channels.

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